D.A., Greenberg Spar Over Steph Curry

NBA TV's Jared Greenberg argued that Steph Curry is underrated; Damon Amendolara found that patently absurd

The DA Show
May 24, 2019 - 12:04 pm

NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg dropped by The DA Show on Friday, and, well, friendly banter ensued. 

Earlier this week, Greenberg told Bill Reiter on Reiter Than You that he is so happy that the world is finally getting to see Steph Curry’s greatness on the biggest stage.

DA found that claim, in a word, absurd. Curry finally getting recognition? Curry as the little engine that could?


“I think we miss the fact that Steph Curry might be the best team guy we’ve seen in a really long time in this sport,” Greenberg said. “Yes, Steph Curry has had his moments where he hasn’t shot the ball well in a playoff series or in the Finals. But ultimately, what you have to understand about this guy (is he’s) willing to defer (and) willing to work harder than anyone else.”

That’s right, Greenberg says. Anyone.

“I am so sick of this narrative around the NBA that Russell Westbrook plays harder than anybody else,” Greenberg said. “If you watch a Warriors game for five seconds, you will realize that no one work harder than Steph Curry. He never stops moving, he wreaks havoc on a defense, and I just think he’s gotten a little under-appreciated because he doesn’t have these incredible eye-popping numbers specifically in the playoffs – and even more specifically in the NBA Finals. 

“When there’s a guy like Kevin Durant who’s not in the mix or DeMarcus Cousins who’s not in the mix, he now is showing that he has the ability to do that, but at times he’s had to compromise parts of his games and some of his numbers for the betterment of the team, and that’s what we want out of our stars – because in the end, all he does is win.”

DA said Curry a top-five NBA player and would rank him behind only LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant.

“This speaks to my point,” Greenberg said. “You’re anointing guys like Giannis who have done nothing in this league that even sniffs what Steph Curry has done and already saying that they’re better. That’s my point in all of this. Steph Curry has achieved. Steph Curry has done. But yet, when it comes to looking at the greatness of players in our game, we want to anoint guys who have done nothing.”

Greenberg, though, has Curry as the fourth-best player, with Durant, Leonard, and James ahead of him, in that order.

Either way, Curry is a top-five NBA player, DA says, so who is overlooking him?

“I feel like a lot of what I have heard and read are that Steph Curry plays on the greatest team of all time, so that’s why he’s great,” Greenberg said. “I think we need to separate and not penalize greatness and not penalize Curry for being a part of it – and recognize that he’s one of the biggest reasons why it is the greatest team of all time, possibly.”

Indeed, Greenberg doesn’t think Curry – or Durant – should be diminished for playing on a great team.

“No, I don’t, and I think it’s a ridiculous thing that we even have to engage in that type of conversation,” he said. “I like that Kevin Durant made the move to Golden State. There was more pressure on Kevin Durant because imagine if he didn’t win with this roster how much pressure he would be under. . . . I don’t think you take away from any of these guys because of their accomplishments.”