Forgrave: A Raptors Title Would Get An Asterisk

Even if Toronto wins it all, its title would be diminished due to Golden State's injuries, Reid Forgrave says

The DA Show
June 07, 2019 - 12:49 pm
Kawhi Leonard Steph Curry NBA Finals

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If the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals to win their first title in franchise history, would that be a historic upset? Or would we have simply underrated Toronto?

“I think it would definitely be that we underrated Toronto,” CBS Sports NBA insider Reid Forgrave said on The DA Show. “It would also be one of those championships that we put an asterisk next to. Fair or not, we’re going to say everyone on the Warriors was injured. But look, I’ve been high on the Raptors since the outset. I picked them to win the East going into the season, and I picked them to be the Eastern representative in the Finals going into the playoffs.”

There’s a reason for that.

“They just got better and better and better and better,” Forgrave said. “Kawhi referring to the 82-game season as just practices. That’s legit what it was for the Raptors. They were building for this. I can see where people are a little bit surprised by them, but this team has this potential all along. Kawhi Leonard, we call him the best two-way player on earth, which is what he looks like during this playoffs. That makes him the best basketball player on earth. That’s what he has been during these playoffs. So I don’t think we should be that surprised that these Raptors have gotten as good as they’ve gotten over the course of the season.”

While the Warriors were without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson in Game 3, Forgrave still thought the Raptors’ win was “impressive.”

“You can only play against what you’re playing against, right?” he asked. “Was Toronto at their very best that game like we’ve seen at various parts during these playoffs? Was this Toronto during that run against Milwaukee when they won four in a row and were absolutely locked down on defense? No. No, this wasn’t the best Raptors. 

“But when I look at the Raptors and I see them sharing the ball, when I see them getting 30 assists on 43 made shots, when I see guys like Marc Gasol getting involved in the offense, guys like Danny Green making shots – that’s when the Raptors are really dangerous,” Forgrave continued. “I think the fact that the rest of those guys got going in Game 3, I think portends very good things for them in Game 4.”