Lakers "A Joke," Don't Know What They're Doing

The Lakers are a mess, NBA TV's Jared Greenberg says, and we haven't seen the worst of it

Reiter Than You
May 22, 2019 - 9:40 am
Rob Pelinka Frank Vogel Lakers

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There’s dysfunction, there’s chaos, and then there’s the Los Angeles Lakers, who have become an NBA punchline.

And there’s no telling when the laughing will end.

“It’s a mess, it’s a joke, and the sad part is I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet,” NBA TV analyst Jared Greenberg said on Reiter Than You. “I truly don’t. They keep on putting band-aids on things. I truly love Frank Vogel. I think he’s a tremendous coach. But how do you determine that Frank Vogel, who you didn’t have in your first round of interviews, yet in a 24-hour period you were able to do your due diligence and determine he’s the right man for the job? And you’re going to put next to him Jason Kidd, a man who clearly wants the job? And clearly has a different relationship than you do – because you don’t have any – with your star player, LeBron James? And the fact that Rob Pelinka has never done this job before and there’s almost nobody in that front office that has any experience to help guide him through different aspects of being a GM? It’s absolutely ludicrous.”

Remember when the Lakers were NBA royalty and the Warriors were a disgrace? Well, those franchises have been on opposite paths since 2013. The Lakers have missed the playoffs six years in a row, while the Warriors have reached five consecutive NBA Finals.

“When people look at the Warriors, I hope they understand that they just didn’t throw some darts at the wall and end up with one of the greatest rosters of all time,” Greenberg said. “You can make that claim in the whole Kevin Durant aspect, but remember they won 73 games before Kevin Durant even got there. Bob Myers, the general manager – who was on agent like we have now with Rob Pelinka – worked as an assistant general manager under Jerry West and Larry Riley, the man who drafted Steph Curry, for years before he ever got the job of president with the Warriors. Rob Pelinka has just been thrown into this mess. They just don’t know what they’re doing.”

How bad is it? Monty Williams chose the Suns over the Lakers. The Suns. A franchise that has never won an NBA title and has finished 24-58 or worse for four straight seasons.

“If you’ve got a guy as well-respected as Monty Williams is throughout the NBA who says, ‘I’d rather go work for Robert Sarver than the Lakers,’ there’s no more telling sign that you are screwed up if that’s the decision Monty Williams is making,” Greenberg said. “Monty Williams, he’s a great man. He’s gone through some awful tragedy in his life recently, which, I just feel so and for him. He’s gotten back into coaching the last several years, and players just respect him. He’s not a demonstrative guy, but at the same time, he demands a certain level of respect and he sets a culture – and the dude knows how to coach. It’s the type of coach they needed in Phoenix. It’s just a stunner that Phoenix was able to land such a well-respected head coach with all they’ve been through and that somebody would pick them over the Lakers. But that’s what it’s come to these days.”

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