Greenberg: Durant Didn't Cost Himself A Penny

Jared Greenberg does not believe Kevin Durant's injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals will impact his free agency

The DA Show
June 11, 2019 - 12:30 pm

There were rumblings that Kevin Durant shouldn’t play in the NBA Finals to protect himself in free agency. Well, he played in Game 5 on Monday, and he may have torn his Achilles.

Will teams be less likely to pursue Durant in free agency? Or be less likely to offer him a max contract?

“No, and I think it’s absolutely absurd to think that Kevin Durant – by playing last night and ultimately getting injured – cost himself a penny,” NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg said on The DA Show. “I think all 30 teams – and any team that has the ability to offer Kevin Durant the most amount of money – will offer him every single one of those pennies and try to do everything that’s legally allowed to get him on their team, even knowing that he more than likely will not be able to play all of next season.”

A torn Achilles is one of the most serious injuries a basketball player can sustain. In fact, players often miss a full season and are never quite the same once they return.

Greenberg, though, doesn’t see Durant suffering that same fate. 

“None of those players are in the mix for best player in the world at the time of the injury, nor were they 31 years old,” Greenberg said. “Rudy Gay is a guy who’s coming off of one right now. (He’s) not necessarily considered old (32), but a lot of those guys that we want to focus to or go to who we know have had those injuries over time have been later in their career and were not in the prime of who they are. I know there will be doubts about Kevin Durant returning to that status as the best player in the world, but the bottom line is in today’s NBA you need a guy like Kevin Durant to give yourself a chance to win an NBA championship.”

Durant scored 11 points in 12 minutes in Game 5. When he cratered to the floor, Raptors fans cheered.

It wasn’t a good look. Greenberg cringed.

“I did,” he said. “I’d like to say it was the heat of the moment and we all make bad reactionary mistakes in life, but I’ll also say this about Raptors fans: I’m not sure there’s been a better group of fans throughout these playoffs. The building has been incredible. The fan support has just been tremendous. Last night was a black eye. That was a moment they wish they got back. But I would not hold that against them for a long time.”