NBA Agent: Bahamas Floated As Possible Restart Destination

The NBA is considering a number of options in hopes of restarting the season

The DA Show
April 08, 2020 - 9:40 am

Major League Baseball is reportedly mulling a plan in which the entire 2020 season would occur in Arizona

Well, the NBA is reportedly mulling something similar.

“There’s different things that have been floated in conversations, but I don’t know if that’s hearsay,” NBA agent Todd Ramasar said on The DA Show. “There’s talk about having it one city, which isn’t so crazy. One thing that was different was having it in the Bahamas. Not a bad option at all. But it’s all a matter of logistics, too. When you get that many players and team personnel and NBA executives in one city, that’s where it could be challenging in terms of logistics and just managing everyone so that their health and safety is a priority.”

Whatever happens, and wherever it happens, Ramasar’s clients are eager to restart the regular season.

“Right now, they’re at home,” he said. “They’re accustomed to being in the regular season and [having] that wrap up heading into the playoffs. All of them, I would say, for the most part are motivated to get back to the court. I think what it’s contingent on is just having the appropriate measures in place as a league to make sure that their health and safety is a priority when they do come back.”

Indeed, the NBA would have to be extremely vigilant about player safety if it restarts the season. It’s possible that teams would have to be confined to certain areas and not be allowed to interact with family members, much less reporters or members of the public.

“All it would take is just one player to test positive, whether they’re asymptomatic or symptomatic, and possibly infect other players,” Ramasar said. “That would jeopardize the season. For me, I think the only solution would be not just isolation, but constant monitoring of all the players and team personnel so that not one person infects others.”