Nationals Reporter Discusses Shocking Turn Of Events

Byron Kerr Discusses Nats Unreal Comeback Win Over Mets

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 04, 2019 - 3:51 am
Kurt Suzuki

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The Mets held a 10-4 lead going into the bottom of the 9th inning Tuesday night. It sure seemed like they were going to win the series over the Nationals and be going for a sweep Wednesday afternoon. Then the impossible happened. 

The Nationals scored seven runs, capped off by a walk-off three-run home run by Kurt Suzuki to defeat the Mets, 11-10. 

"Their bullpen is something that has kept them from being in first place in the division. Their bullpen just wasn't very good in the beginning of the year," MASN Nationals reporter Byron Kerr said on CBS Sports Radio's After Hours With Amy Lawrence. "The impossible and improbable happens in the bottom of the 9th inning. A lot of fans left. It was an amazing night to be able to see that all the way to the end and watch them celebrate on the field. It was a shocking turn of events." 

The Mets bullpen has been a trainwreck led by Edwin Diaz. The Nationals bullpen is right up there with them as far as being very bad. 

"Wander Suero has good times. He's got the stuff to get guys out. Some of his stuff is easy to hit as well. Opposing hitters could really attack him," Kerr said. "We haven't seen the best of Roenis Elias yet. Daniel Hudson and Hunter Strickland were doing well, but Hudson has slowed down recently, he's been much more hittable. That's scary. What they really need is to get Sean Doolittle back up to 94 miles per hour, 95 or something like that. Right now he's at 92 and purely a fastball closer. So if he can't get up to 94-95, that's scary for them because he was the anchor of that 9th inning. They have to figure out if they can piece three outs from the 8th inning from Hudson, from Strickland, from Fernando Rodney even. There's not too many guys that come out of the bullpen where you feel oh sweet, we got this inning taken care of."

Sean Doolittle is working his way back from an injury, but without him, this team is in trouble if he's not at his best.

"I thought that about Doolittle at the beginning of the season, but I thought they overused him and now he's trying to do what Scherzer is trying to do and get healthy again," Kerr said. "If his velocity does not return to 94-95, that will be dangerous. They won't have any opportunity to go past the Wild Card game."