Blum: There's "A Sense Of Nervousness" In Houston

The Nationals beat the Astros in Game 6, setting up a "crapshoot" Game 7

Taz and the Moose
October 30, 2019 - 10:26 am
Nationals Astros World Series Game 2

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After winning three straight games in Washington, the Houston Astros hoped to win Game 6 of the World Series at home Tuesday and capture their second title in three years. Instead, they lost 7-2, with Game 7 looming Wednesday.

How is the city of Houston feeling right now?

“I think they’re nervous,” Astros analyst Geoff Blum said on Taz & The Moose. “Watching the Astros win three games on the road, coming home and having the potential to win the World Series with Verlander on the mound, I think there is a sense of nervousness.”

That could be, in part, because the home team is 0-6 in this series.

“It’s frustrating to me to watch a team that can hit when they know what’s coming and they’re unable to adjust when they don’t know what’s coming,” Blum said. “That frustrated me last night and it puts a little bit of worry in my mind tonight. The Nationals pitchers know that the Astros have issues when they can’t anticipate which pitches are coming. It’s all on the offenses tonight. Who makes the best adjustment earliest may have the potential to win this game, but if it comes down to the bullpens, it’s a crapshoot after that.”

Max Scherzer’s health is a crapshoot as well. The three-time Cy Young winner missed his scheduled start in Game 5 due to a neck issue, but the Nats are giving him the ball in Game 7.

“He’s out of his routine,” Blum said. “Obviously he’s durable enough, he’s strong enough at this point in the season to go out and give you multiple innings, but I’m kind of curious what those innings will be. Pitching has a lot to do with touch; it has a lot to do with delivery. And if he has to alter his delivery just a little bit to accommodate or compensate for the injury in his shoulder, I’m curious where that release point goes. 

“I wonder how closely Dave Martinez and the Nationals are going to watch him and see where that release point is, see how fluid that delivery is,” Blum continued. “If he starts to miss his spot out of the zone or miss his spots and leave pitches up out over the plate, it could be a damaging night. I’m real curious to see how it goes. But the one thing that kind of trumps all that for me is Max Scherzer’s mentality. That dude is a bulldog.”