LeBron, Lakers "Tapping Clippers On The Shoulder"

The Lakers are "loaded," Mychal Thompson says, but the Clippers are still the favorite to reach the NBA Finals

Reiter Than You
July 23, 2019 - 8:24 am
LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers will look very different next season than they did last season, and all of those changes are for the better.

“Oh, they’re loaded,” Mychal Thompson said on Reiter Than You. “Anytime you start with LeBron and Anthony Davis, you can’t start any better with that. Then you add bunch of good veterans around them, guys who can flat out shoot the ball. Avery Bradley is a tough, hard-nosed defender, along with Rondo. This team is deep and loaded. Plus, they got one of the best sixth men coming off the bench in Kyle Kuzma.

“So right now, I got the Lakers no worse than No. 2 in the West on paper,” Thompson continued. “Obviously with Kawhi and Paul George joining the Clippers with the deep roster they have, they probably are the favorites coming out of the West right now, but the Lakers are right there tapping them on the shoulder.”

One difference between the L.A. squads? Coaching. Doc Rivers has won an NBA title. Frank Vogel has not.

Thompson expects Vogel to lean on his players for knowledge and feedback during the season.

“You got to trust them,” he said. “They got to be your co-coaches. You got to believe in them as they believe in you, and sometimes you got to rely on their basketball expertise and knowledge. The players on this team, they’ve been through it all. They’ve seen it all. You’ve got to trust them and ask them, ‘Hey, what do you guys want to do?’ Be secure in yourself as a coach to say, ‘What do you think?’ When you’re playing with a smart guy like LeBron and Rondo and even JaVale McGee with the championship experience he has, you got to trust them and ask them what they think sometimes, too. They have a lot to offer, a lot to add.”

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