Up The Gut Week 7: Ramsey, Jaguars Both Laughing

Jalen Ramsey got his wish, and the Jaguars got theirs, Shaun Morash says

The DA Show
October 17, 2019 - 3:00 pm

By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

In the end, Jalen Ramsey got his way, but his departure from Jacksonville should bring bigger smiles to the fans sitting in the pool on Sundays than it actually does for Ramsey. Ramsey will get his money. Enjoy trying to become some sort of bigger-than-life star in a bigger-than-life city, but will the wins and glory actually follow?

The Rams’ problems run deeper than trading off one corner in Marcus Peters and adding Ramsey. They have lost Aqib Talib, potentially for the season, and Joseph Noteboom, a key offensive lineman, for the season. Sean McVay is still an offensive wizard, but a banged up Todd Gurley and an erratic Jared Goff are doing the Rams no favors. 

Jalen Ramsey is a great talent. He is not a quarterback whisperer, a running back, an offensive lineman, and can't play all three cornerback positions at once. Two first-round picks given up for Ramsey is a lack of self-realization by the Rams of who they are now and who they will need to be over the next couple of years. The Salary Cap will cost them as it does every great roster, and they will need draft picks to continue to be churned into the roles of players they will lose. Now they will go five straight seasons without their first-round pick in an NFL Draft due to a variety of trades. That is no recipe for success, but as long as Ramsey is laughing and gets his Brinks truck, Jaguars fans can laugh right back as they rid themselves of a selfish cancer, and gain more capital to usher in the next era for the Jacksonville (or London) Jaguars.

Ten Yard Gain

1- The Titans are making the right call by going from Marcus Mariota to Ryan Tannehill. The playoff win for the Titans, which was really just another playoff collapse by Andy Reid and the Chiefs, put a false narrative about the Mariota era in the Titans' heads. Mariota was a bust by Year 2. Hidden behind an old-school ground-and-pound attack that was just good enough to be perfectly average as a football team. When you are average, you are in no man's land when it comes to the draft pick position and playoff position. Let Tannehill show you if he can have a second better act now, and prepare to move up for a quarterback in April if need be. 

2- Jameis Winston's turnover-machine game in London also can benefit that franchise in the long run. Much like Mariota in Tennessee, Winston is fools gold. His aerial attack the past few weeks, including their stunning win versus the Rams may have tricked the Bucs into a contract extension after this season. That London Game should be a reminder that would be an enormous mistake. The bad is ugly when it comes to Jameis. Get out from under him after 2019. 

3-The Jets season is back on after Sam Darnold revived the offense and the team in his return and win versus the Dallas Cowboys. If there was ever a doubt what the most important position in sports is, Darnold reminded us all it is quarterback in the NFL. The Jets’ offensive line play was pathetic, the defense had looked like it had given up, and receivers weren't open. Insert Darnold on Sunday, and it was like waving a magic wand of enthusiasm. The AFC Wild Card race is very much wide open, and the Jets, even after an 0-4 start, can be alive and well. 

4-Kirk “Freaking” Cousins deserves credit this week. Now 6-3 in his career versus the Eagles, he earned his sixth win versus a winning team, more importantly. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen are happy again, trade rumors have calmed, and he even embarrassed Zach Brown to the point he was cut. This may just be a lone bright spot before things get dark again, but for one week, Cousins can give us all a middle finger. 

5-What are the Dolphins accomplishing by benching Josh Rosen? He has zero to work with, playing hard, gave them a chance in the first half to beat the Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, yet now is back on the bench for Ryan Fitzpatrick? If the plan was to not play him this year and ensure a “Tank for Tua,” then why bother trading for him at all? This selfish, mindless move by the Dolphins may ruin a career for a guy who deserves better.

6- The record does not tell the story of the 2019 Detroit Lions. At 2-2-1 they could easily be 5-0. The officiating on Monday Night was on par with officiating this decade: disgraceful. Robbed of a victory, the Lions now have 11 games to figure out how to position themselves in the best division in football. The talent is there, but playing the refs too can make it impossible. 

7-What is the end game for the Chargers in LA? Another week, another embarrassing effort on the field and in the stands. The Chargers are banged up with injuries, the season is slipping away, but their real problem is that nobody cares they suck. This game was on National TV, versus a Steelers fan base that should not care anymore this year, and yet the building was once again filled with road fans at a Chargers home game. If that is happening in a small stadium, how the heck are they going to fill Stan Kroenke's palace next year? The clock has to already be ticking on getting the Chargers out of Southern California. 

8-Are the Falcons finally ready to discuss the future of Dan Quinn? Matt Bryant will take his lumps for blowing a kick to give the Falcons a chance at overtime, but in reality why is it coming down to that versus a rookie quarterback and mediocre Cardinals roster anyway? It is not a matter of "if" Dan Quinn gets let go, but when. Why delay the inevitable?

9-Saquon Barkley is a “Super-Human” healer. Just four weeks after suffering what looked to be a gruesome high ankle sprain, Barkley was a full participant at Giants practice this week and seems ready to go vs Arizona this week. We have yet to see Barkley and Daniel Jones together, except for one quarter in Tampa Bay. The RPO opportunities for this Giants offense could be ready to explode with Barkley's return.

10- Is Cam Newton ever going to get his job back? Kyle Allen has done more than you could ask for an undrafted free agent reviving life and the season back into Carolina. However, we did not see healthy Cam Newton this year, and if this layoff and rehab has worked Cam Newton should absolutely get his job back. We are living in the moment too much and forgetting what a healthy Cam Newton is.

Five Games to Chew On

5 Vikings @ Lions: The Lions lost a brutal divisional game Monday Night that, frankly, they were robbed in. Now they get the suddenly red-hot Vikings coming into their building. The Lions are legitimate as NFC North contenders, but if they lose this game, it may not matter. Two divisional losses in a row in the toughest division in football will be a tough hole to climb out of. The Vikings are all back to hugs and kisses; everyone loves everyone. Will the momentum continue to ride? This is fascinating divisional game Sunday. 

4 Texans @ Colts: Deshaun Watson is playing the best football of his career. Now he goes to Indianapolis to play the Jacoby Brissett-led surprise Colts. This division, like the NFC North, is highly competitive and balanced. These are probably the two best teams in this division. Can the Texans go on the road in back-to-back weeks to beat potential playoff teams? If they do, they will be the heavy favorite for the other bye in the AFC playoff picture 

3 Saints @ Bears:  Mitchell Trubisky is expected back in this monster NFC show down. The Saints have to be due for a loss at some point with Teddy Bridgewater, right? The Saints did struggle offensively versus Jacksonville a week ago, and this is a more daunting defense that will have an angry Khalil Mack following his putrid performance in London. The Bears need conference wins if this season comes down to a Wild Card birth for them. This would be a big one.

2 Ravens @ Seahawks: The Seattle Seahawks find ways to win every single week. They continue their AFC North slate by having Lamar Jackson come into Seattle. Jackson has been compared to Wilson by some, so this could make for a fun quarterback match up with passes made on the run. Every single game for Seattle is important, especially at home, as long as the 49ers keep rolling in the NFC West. This could be Lamar Jackson's best win of his career to date if he pulls this off. 

1 Eagles @ Cowboys: This will be a home run ratings wise for NBC: two classic NFC East teams playing for first place in prime time. The Cowboys’ three-game losing streak has showed many warts, and for perhaps the first time ever it feels as if Jason Garrett is truly on the hot seat. Doug Pederson has brashly guaranteed a victory, while 'The Clapper" would not take the bait. If the Eagles’ defensive front hits Dak the way the Jets did, this could be loss No. 4 in a row for the Cowboys as they head into free fall mode. 

My Picks

Another 2-1 week has me at 11-7 on the year.

Packers -5.5 vs Raiders: The Packers come off a short week in a game they looked clunky. The Raiders may attract some coming off of a bye week and back-to-back victories before then. This is a Packers home game where Rodgers explodes. The feel good Raiders hit a wall here and won’t be able to keep Derek Carr upright versus the Green Bay pass rush. This has 37-17 written all over it. 

49ers -9.5 @ Washington:  This is classic really good team versus really bad team and don't overthink it. In the midst of the Redskins’ turmoil, there is no coach on the planet who would be licking his chops to bury them more than Kyle Shanahan after seeing it all firsthand. I expect the 49ers to score and not let the foot off the pedal. The Washington offensive line will have fits versus the Niners front and this game will not be close.

Rams -3 @ Falcons:  The Rams shook things up this week by trading for Jalen Ramsey. How it works long term will be a story for later on. For this week, the Falcons are reeling, blood is in the water, and the defending NFC Champs are only laying three points in this spot. The ultimate get right spot for the Rams, and get right they will. 

Football Food of the Week 

Cheez-It Chicken Fingers. After my 1st "A+" on the year from the Instagram @up_the_gut, I am back taking another swing. This is a cheesy twist on an American classic. Buy chicken strips, but instead of battering them in breadcrumb or flour, dip them in egg wash and roll them in crushed Cheez-It. The Cheez -It is your breading. Fry them in oil on a pan, cook them in an air fryer, deep fry them, or heck even bake them. You will get a nice, moist, chicken tender, but rather than the typical, ready-for-ketchup breading, you get a crispy, cheesy outside. Eat up and enjoy.

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