Up The Gut Week 9: Deadline Rumors Sink Jets

If the Jets enter 2020 with Adam Gase as head coach, it would be yet another "miserable mistake" for the franchise, Shaun Morash says

The DA Show
October 31, 2019 - 10:17 am

By Shaun Morash

Cold Open
For essentially my entire life, the NFL Trade Deadline meant nothing. Maybe a sixth-round pick would go for a backup offensive lineman and we would see the update on ESPN's bottom ticker. Now, maybe because of more real-time reporting on Twitter, or perhaps because of a change in philosophy in building teams, the trade deadline feels real. No team had a more hectic deadline while sinking their locker room more than the New York Jets.
They benefited in getting two picks for Leonard Williams before he left in free agency, but word of a fire sale spread on Tuesday, with nothing materializing. Jamal Adams reportedly told Ryan Clark he wanted to go home to Dallas, then wasn't traded and tweeted that he never asked to go anywhere. Le'Veon Bell, after a summer in which reports surfaced that Adam Gase did not even want him as a free-agent signing, was rumored to be traded and then wasn't. How can a franchise that is having a miserable season after high expectations keep a locker room afloat when leaders know they were almost traded and now stuck riding this sinking ship out? If Adam Gase remains the head coach in 2020 while the Jets trade their real talent this offseason, it would feel like a miserable mistake, in a long line of them for this team.

Ten Yard Gain

1-Credit Jerry Jones, to some degree, for not drooling all over himself and unloading multiple first-rounders for Jamal Adams. Jones knows he is not getting any younger and is hungry for a Super Bowl. However, while adding Adams would have made them dangerous in a loaded NFC, they are having to make tough decisions on too many talented players and cannot keep everyone. The best way to stay competitive while making contract decisions is by keeping first-round picks to supplement that talent. 

2-Bruce Arians is right to be blasting officials for missing an obvious fumble by the Titans after a fake kick gone wrong. The real problem with this scenario is why there was a fake kick to begin with. A field goal would have ended the game for the Titans, faking it was not worth the risk. While everyone spent the early season bashing Marcus Mariota, the idea Mike Vrabel gets ignored for being a terrible head coach is puzzling. 

3-The time has come for the Red Rifle to hit the bench in Cincinnati. Ryan Finley at this time last year was thought of as a first-round prospect heading into the NFL Draft. I highly doubt he can do anything behind that, let's just say garbage, offensive line to sway the Bengals away from taking a quarterback at the top of next draft, but it is worth a chance. Andy Dalton was a nice guy, but still a disaster that should have found pine two years ago. 

4-Andy Reid is such a head-coaching conundrum. His teams are always competitive (see Sunday Night, as he made Matt Moore look more than competent versus a Packers defense that has given many quarterbacks nightmares this season). Yet every time he gets to the big moment in a tight game in the playoffs, his team either becomes undisciplined, or he cannot figure out the clock. He is the Clayton Kershaw of NFL head coaches. 

5-Cam Newton needs to quarterback the Panthers the moment he is healthy. The bloom came off the Kyle Allen rose and rotted into the ground. The 49ers defense made Allen look like the career backup he will likely be. The Panthers season is not lost. They are right in the hunt for a Wild Card, but Cam will need to be Superman again, and sooner rather than later. 

6-Odell Beckham Jr. being unhappy with the Browns’ aggressiveness is no surprise. He is a ticking time bomb on a team when the going gets tough. The Browns, to him, were not supposed to face this kind of adversity in 2019. At 2-5, it is clear Freddie Kitchens is in over his head, and I expect panic inside his brain and the Browns brain trust to over-compensate to keep Beckham happy in that offense. Making that move won't necessarily be great for wins, or Baker's development, if he starts to force throws.

7-Matt Nagy got crushed Sunday following his decision not to run the ball to get a little closer for a game-winning field goal. While I understand that, how about Eddy Pineiro hits a kick? Forty-one yards is a kick made by a lot of high school kickers in this country on a weekly basis. There are 32 professional kickers; missing any inside of 45 with the game on the line is the equivalent of a regular office worker in America claiming their power went out when being late to work. A fire-able offense. 

8-Joe Flacco's neck is really hurt. Joe Flacco is also not playing for the foreseeable future because he called out the Broncos coaching publicly. Both can be true at the same time. If the Broncos were 6-2 and the offense was flying, I refuse to believe we would know Flacco had a serious neck injury with IR being considered. 

9-Just when the Bills suck you in, they spit you right back out. At home, versus a struggling Eagles team, everything was in front of them to have a statement win. Instead of a win, or even a thrilling loss, they were dismantled at New Era Field and sent right back down to earth. The Bills are a product of their schedule and not ready to step up a weight class. Yet. 

10- We may never know how great J.J. Watt may have been. He suffered yet another season-ending injury, in a season that could be the Texans’ deepest playoff run in franchise history. A trip to an AFC Championship game with a couple big playoff moments from him could have gone a long way to cementing his legacy. Now, he appears all name with a nice story for NFL Network to do a special on, than he does a legitimate Hall of Famer. 

Five Games To Chew On

5 Packers @ Chargers: The Chargers stunned the Bears on Sunday in what feels like a lost season for Los Angeles' odd stepchild of a football team. However, another upset win here can get the back "in the mix" in a weak AFC Wild Card picture. The Packers train is humming along, and 14-2 may not even be good enough for the 1-seed in the NFC the way the top of the conference is stacked. Two classic quarterbacks dueling on CBS should be a lot of  fun.  

4 Colts @ Steelers: The Steelers at 3-4 are painful to watch, and will be even tougher to do so with James Conner out this week. However, they are still alive in their own division with a tough game for the Ravens later on Sunday. The Colts are up, then they are down. They were lucky the Broncos could not get out of their own way on Sunday or it could have been a disastrous loss. This game was far more appetizing in April with Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck, but can still dictate some of the playoff picture in the AFC, 

3 Bears @ Eagles:  The rematch of last year's Bears elimination in the Wild Card round is here. It could not come at a worse time for Matt Nagy. Under scrutiny for play-calling in setting up a missed field goal last week, now that combined with the reminder of last year's game vs the Eagles all could come to a boiling point. Each team needs this game desperately in the scramble for the NFC Wild Card. 

2 Vikings @ Chiefs: Andy Reid made Matt Moore look legitimate versus the Packers; he will need to look that way again vs a Vikings defense that is cooking right now. Kirk Cousins played out of his mind in October, but the ghosts of beating teams with winning records will once again surface if he has a letdown to start November. The NFC North race will be tight right until the end. Cousins cannot afford to slip up now in a game in which Patrick Mahomes will not be starting.

1 Ravens @ Patriots:  Finally the Patriots play a real, gritty, well-coached playoff team. The thoughts of 16-0 for this Patriots team are real, even if they do not look as flawless on offense as the 2007 Pats did. Under Bill Belichick, the Patriots have never allowed a quarterback to rush for 100 yards in a game. Lamar Jackson has a chance on a national stage to make some history and send a message the Patriots may not forget come January.

My Picks

Another 2-1 week keeps us on our winning ways, 15-9 on the season. For this week:

Bears +5 @ Eagles:  The Eagles looked "back" versus the Bills, hence this big number. It has been a week of the ceiling falling down all over the Bears. I sense there may be a moment for some pride in that Chicago locker room. These Eagles ended their season, and now they have fallen as far as being five-point underdogs to them? I expect a close game deep into the fourth quarter. Maybe the Bears miss a kick once again to lose, but the points here are too much to pass up.

Lions +2 @ Raiders: The Lions got right versus the Giants and Matt Stafford caught fire. They are a better team than the Raiders, but as long as that Hawaiian Blue Lion is on that silver helmet, many in Vegas will be scared off on betting them. The Raiders have played tough and come home for the first time since Week 2. This game has the potential for offensive fireworks, but ultimately one of these teams is a real playoff contender; the other is not. Give me the real team, the Lions, to win outright.  

Packers -4 @ Chargers: The Chargers continue to be painful television to watch each and every week. A national brand in the Packers comes into their little soccer stadium on the West Coast. It should be packed with cheeseheads, and packed with Aaron Rogers touchdowns, too. The Chargers season may not be lost after that win over the Bears, but I have a hard time thinking Philip Rivers won't feel the heat of the Green Bay pass rush, and eventually the dam will break as Green Bay goes at the Chargers beat up defense. Even a touchdown win covers the spread here. 

Football Food of The Week

Chicken Alfredo Pizza.  I have ignored pizza for far too long, so we begin the second half of the season with a thirst for crust and cheese. Red sauce isn't for everyone, so let's get nuts. Purchase either pizza dough, or go simple with a Boboli crust. You can have grandma make some Alfredo sauce from scratch, or a simple canned Alfredo sauce of your brand's choosing will do. 

Grill up some chicken, and slice it into strips after cooked. Evenly distribute the chicken on the sauce, which should be evenly spread on your crust. Sprinkle some oregano, Parmesan, and some crushed garlic for added flavor. Sprinkle shredded mozzarella on top and bake until the crispness of your liking. The cheese will melt perfectly gooey over that fresh grilled chicken, while the tasty Alfredo sauce absorbs the juices and brings it altogether. The perfect mix of an Italian Sunday with a hand-grabbing football snack. Enjoy.

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