Rose: MLB Detained Us For 2 Hours At Nationals Park

Julia Rose was banned indefinitely by MLB for flashing Gerrit Cole in Game 5 of the World Series

The DA Show
October 30, 2019 - 11:15 am

If you weren’t familiar with Julia Rose prior to Game 5 of the World Series, you’re probably familiar with her now, as she was one of three women who flashed Gerrit Cole at Nationals Park.

“We knew where cameras would be,” Rose said on The DA Show. “That was kind of our decision-making of where to get tickets, where the cameras exactly would be to go live and to try and do this.”

Rose’s plans were almost thwarted by security.

“It was barely on camera,” she said. “We were planning on doing it just from our seats, but when we got there, we actually got pulled aside by security and they said they knew who we were, that we had to zip up our shirts – they said ShagMag on the front – and we were told that we needed to zip up our jackets because we weren’t allowed to promote on camera behind home plate. Little did they know we weren’t even going to use the shirts to begin with.”

After the stunt, Rose and her cronies were placed in “MLB jail.”

“We were detained for about two hours,” Rose said. “Within those two hours, they explained that we were banned from that stadium for five years and then we were banned from MLB indefinitely. They handed us the letter, we had to sign all of our paperwork and then they let us go.”

Had the Nationals swept the Astros, Rose wouldn’t have gotten an opportunity to flash.

“No, we wouldn’t have,” she said. “That was kind of the risk we had to take buying Game 5 tickets. We knew going into it that was part of it. We knew it could happen, but we also knew the chances of (there not being a Game 5) weren’t very likely.”