Tirico: "Meeting Sean McVay For Five Minutes" Not Enough

NFL teams need to be more patient when firing and more savvy when hiring, Mike Tirico says

Zach Gelb
January 15, 2019 - 12:20 pm

USA Today Images


It’s been a fast and furious hiring cycle in the NFL in recent weeks, with several 30-somethings getting hired rather quickly – and without much experience.

“The Kingsbury hire is the most fascinating because he has a very limited pedigree in the NFL, and really it’s kind of going to one half of the ball,” Mike Tirico said on The Zach Gelb Show. “‘You take care of this half of the ball, we’ll find a defensive guy who can be almost a co-head coach on the defensive side and take care of business. I think it’s a fascinating time. I do think in general teams go a little too fast in making coaching changes.”

And, perhaps, a little too fast with hires. Hiring an offensive-minded coach is one thing; hiring an offensive-minded coach in part because he has ties to Sean McVay is another.

“I still think at the end of the year defense was pretty important,” Tirico said. “It was not 54-51 every week. So I don’t know if this trend of ‘Let’s hire a guy because he met Sean McVay for five minutes’ – I don’t know if that’s technically the way you should be going right now. I still think there are coaches out there who should get a little bit longer leash and guys who have been head coaches in the league who know how to be a good coach, who would be probably a better fit in some spots.”

As for teams having a quick trigger, the Bills hired Sean McDermott on Jan. 11, 2017. Since then, 17 different coaches have been hired in the NFL.

“A guy who’s got two years in the NFL is in the upper half of tenure in the league,” Tirico said. “That just tells you that maybe the trigger is going a little too quick for decisions on head coaches, and maybe the hiring process needs to be looked at a little bit better.”