Tirico: Let’s Pump The Brakes On Chiefs’ Dynasty Talk

The Kansas City Chiefs have a bright future with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, Mike Tirico says, but they have a long way to go before they can be considered a dynasty 

Zach Gelb
September 10, 2020 - 8:11 am
Patrick Mahomes Chiefs Super Bowl

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After winning the Super Bowl and signing Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year contract extension, the Kansas City Chiefs look like the NFL’s next great dynasty.

Mike Tirico, however, isn’t ready to use the d-word just yet.

“I’ve pumped the brakes on dynasty for a while here,” the legendary broadcaster said on The Zach Gelb Show. “I think it’s so hard in the NFL. Dynasty is what the Patriots have done: year after year, groups of guys come in around [Tom] Brady and [Bill] Belichick. I think Kansas City has an opportunity for a long run, but let’s not forget they were down double-digits in all three of these playoff games. It’s not like they were walking through the playoffs and dominating people by 30 points.”

Indeed, the Chiefs trailed the Texans 24-0 in the divisional round before storming back to win 51-31. They trailed the Titans 17-7 in the AFC Championship before winning 35-24. And, last but certainly not least, they trailed the 49ers 20-10 in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl before winning 31-20.

Great run for Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid? You bet. Unbeatable roster? Not quite.

“Do I think they’re as good of a team as there is in the AFC? They’re right there,” Tirico said. “I would feel very comfortable saying that they are a Super Bowl team. I think Baltimore is also very good. So I’m going to pump the brakes a little bit on the dynasty [talk], but I love the way they’re set up with Reid [and] Mahomes. I think we’ll be talking about them for the next five years as one of those teams that is a game away from the Super Bowl most seasons. But dynasty, I reserve for teams that win like three out of four and things like that, so I’m not there just yet with this group.”