Rapaport: I have no problem with Jerry Jones, Cowboys "being miserable"

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport was sad to see Dak Prescott get hurt, but he’s happy that Jerry Jones is “going to be the one suffering” this season

October 21, 2020 - 9:35 am
Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys

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If Monday Night Football was any indication, the Dallas Cowboys are really going to miss Dak Prescott. The Cowboys, who averaged 36.5 points over their previous four games, looked completely inept in their 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. They are still atop the NFC East, even at 2-4, but the Cowboys are clearly in trouble.

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport has no problem with this.

“One thing I love about Jerry Jones is he’s going to be the one suffering,” Rapaport told JR SportBrief. “He makes the decisions, and I have no problem seeing him suffer. Obviously everybody was brokenhearted seeing Dak go down, and you never want to see the No. 1 player or the guy on the back of the bench have an injury in any kind of sport. I’m a Giants fan, so I have no problem enjoying Dallas Cowboys misery.”

The Cowboys haven’t reached the Super Bowl, or even an NFC Championship Game, since 1995. The one constant during that time? Jones, whose Cowboys have missed the playoffs in seven of the last 10 seasons.

“Jerry Jones, he’s done a lot of great things, but he wants to make all the decisions,” Rapaport said. “I’ve never seen him catch a pass, I’ve never seen him kick a field goal, I’ve never seen him take a snap, I’ve never seen him pull as a guard – obviously he knows his stuff, but it’s a team and it takes a team to make decisions even in the front office. So I have no problem with them being miserable.”

Prescott enjoyed a historic start to the 2020 season. Andy Dalton played well in relief in Week 5, helping the Cowboys to a 37-34 win over the Giants, but he struggled mightily against Arizona. He finished 34-of-54 for 266 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Dallas trailed 31-3 with less than three minutes to play.

“I think he’ll do better,” Rapaport said of Dalton. “He was gross on Monday night, but I think he’ll do better.”