Lee On Durant: Knicks Hype Not Unwarranted

There is a "justifiable argument" for Kevin Durant to join the Knicks next season, The Athletic's Michael Lee says

Reiter Than You
October 17, 2018 - 7:48 pm

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Kevin Durant’s Golden State tenure has been highly successful. Two seasons, two championships, two Finals MVPs.

Well, this season could be his last with the Warriors. Durant, 30, is a free agent next summer – and the New York Knicks are a possible destination.

“I don’t think the Knicks hype is unwarranted,” The Athletic’s Michael Lee said on Reiter Than You. “There is a justifiable argument for him to go there. And I think he’s been studying LeBron for so long in his career, he kind of knows that, as superstars, you can kind of set your own you course. I think he saw what happened with LeBron.”

James went to Miami and won two championships. Then he went to Cleveland and won another.

“Going to Miami was really a stain on him initially, and everyone gave him a hard time for joining forces with Dwyane and Chris Bosh,” Lee said. “They thought he was stacking the deck. Over time, that opinion changed. Once he went to Cleveland and was able to lift that franchise and deliver a championship, all of a sudden now he’s untouchable.

“I think Durant’s been watching that,” Lee continued. “He knows that the move to Golden State wasn't popular among a lot of people, and he knows that as great as he’s been and winning two Finals MVPs, that team still belongs to Curry, especially in the hearts of those fans.”

The Knicks haven’t won an NBA title since 1973 and have missed the playoffs in 11 of the last 14 seasons, including five straight.

“If he decides to go somewhere else, I think he’d want to take on the biggest challenge possible – the one that’s the most immense – and prove to everyone that he can actually be the front line guy who can carry a franchise,” Lee said, “(as opposed to the) unfair perception that he’s just riding the coattails of a great team.”