Gordon Had Better Case For Getting Deal Done Than Zeke

PFF Analyst Sam Monson Discusses Gordon Vs. Zeke Contract

The DA Show
September 04, 2019 - 11:16 am
Melvin Gordon Chargers

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Ezekiel Elliott just got paid more than any running back in the NFL with a brand new six-year, $90 million contract extension with $50 million guaranteed. 

The Cowboysddished out a lot of money for their best player. The Chargers have not done the same for Melvin Gordon ... but maybe he's worth more. 

"I think in a lot of ways Melvin Gordon might have a better case for a big money deal than Zeke Elliott," Pro Football Focus analyst Sam Monson said on The D.A. Show on CBS Sports Radio Wednesday. "Zeke Elliott has had the huge workload, but he's always had a pretty good offensive line to run behind, where as Melvin Gordon, who has had a terrible offensive line to run behind. That's the important thing in determining rushing success. So what he was able to do in terms of broken tackles and yards after contact, he was doing things that he shouldn't have been able to do given the blocking that was in front of him. I think the Chargers are right. Whether they understand the dynamics of play or not, I don't know. They are basically saying you know what, we will talk about an extension next year, but right now, you're playing on the deal you have got. That's where the value is for us. We don't want to increase this deal to a monster number because you might still not have a good season if the offensive line remains a problem. 

The Cowboys offensive line is elite. The Chargers ... not so much. 

"I think he's been a bigger part of their passing game than Zeke Elliott has," Monson said. "He's done more with the ball in his hands when it comes to the receiving part of things. Also, running backs are basically a product of their run blocking and for years, Zeke Elliott has had amongst the best run blocking in the NFL and Melvin Gordon has had the opposite. That Chargers offensive line has been one of the worst units in football for a number of years now and he's been dealing with that the entire way. When you look at his rushing numbers, you look at his yards per carry and all that kind of stuff, it doesn't paint an accurate picture of what Melvin Gordon himself has been doing. It paints an accurate picture of how bad that offensive line has been and how bad the run blocking in front of him has been. If you look in terms of broken tackles, in terms of yards after contact, and Melvin Gordon's elusive rating is significantly higher than Zeke Elliott's because he's doing a lot more and the blocking in front of him is a lot worse." 

Gordon is sitting out for now. We'll see how long that lasts and whether he pulls a Le'Veon Bell and sits out all year or if the Chargers trade him elsewhere.