Gural: Brady, Woods Cost Me Millions This Year

From Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl to Tiger Woods winning the Masters, Meadowlands owner Jeff Gural has had a couple of rough nights this year

July 16, 2019 - 9:35 am
Tom Brady Super Bowl

USA Today Images


Meadowlands owner Jeff Gural dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss sports betting in New Jersey, the impact of FanDuel, and the future of gambling, among other topics.

“This is just the beginning,” Gural said on Ferrall on the Bench. “People haven’t been familiar with it or they bet illegally. But now when you have an opportunity to bet legally and you can bet on your phone legally and bet while watching the game, people think it’s really going to mushroom.”

Gural has a simple business philosophy: root for underdogs. 

“We routinely get bets of ($25,000) to $100,000,” he said. “Sometimes people win. It’s painful. I knew we were going to lose a million dollars if the Patriots won, so I bet $100 on the Patriots with a friend of mine. I’m not allowed to bet. I figured, ‘Well, at least I’ll win $100.’ I never bet against Brady. It’s unhealthy. I just don’t bet against Brady. I had to sit there, knowing I’m watching a disaster in place.”

Then the Masters happened.

“They told me, ‘If Tiger Woods wins the Masters, we’re going to lose a million dollars,’” Gural recalled. “I said, ‘Don’t worry, he can’t win the Masters. He hasn’t won a tournament in 20 years.’”

Woods, of course, won the Masters – his first major championship since 2008.

“We lost over a million dollars on Tiger Woods,” Gural said. “Every night before I go to sleep, I go to my iPad and get all the scores. I just root for underdogs. I just need underdogs to win. Our customers typically bet favorites. When I see all the underdogs lost, I’m afraid.”

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