McNabb: Andy Reid “Will Win More Than One Super Bowl”

Reid has never won a Super Bowl, but Donovan McNabb believes he'll win multiple

Reiter Than You
October 23, 2019 - 8:07 am
Andy Reid Chiefs

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Andy Reid is considered one of the top coaches in the NFL. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the hardware to prove it.

Reid has never won a Super Bowl. At least one former player, though, believes Reid will get there – and then some.

“I think that he will win more than one Super Bowl,” Donovan McNabb said on Reiter Than You “I do. We were very close: went to the NFC Championship five times and went to the Super Bowl once. Remember: he was just in the AFC Championship last year – with a defense that was in question.”

The Chiefs trailed the Patriots 14-0 at halftime in last year’s AFC Championship and ultimately lost 37-31 in overtime.

“If Patrick Mahomes is healthy and they got all their guys back healthy on the offensive and defensive end, I still think they’re the best team in the AFC,” McNabb said. “Now we’ve seen what obviously Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have been able to do. If you think back on that game last year in the AFC Championship, the New England Patriots ran the same play four or five times. 

“I don’t think that happens again,” McNabb continued. “Any team that runs a play four or five times and is successful with it, that means that the defense you’re playing either can’t adjust or you’re just trying to see if they’re going to come up with changes.”

Meanwhile, McNabb’s former team, the Eagles (3-4) have had a rough season. They’ve lost four of six and allowed a combined 75 points in back-to-back road losses to the Vikings and Cowboys.

“Defensively, their secondary con’t cover anyone,” McNabb said. “If they’re not getting pass rush upfront, it’s 7-on-7. It’s unfortunate because they’re a talented team with the same people who went to the Super Bowl, pretty much with just a different quarterback that they paid $100 million for. It’s really shocking to a lot of people.”