Dibble On Dodgers: "This May Be Their Best Chance"

The Dodgers are (still) seeking their first World Series title since 1988

Reiter Than You
October 03, 2019 - 9:25 pm
Walker Buehler Dodgers NLDS

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking to become the first team since the 1996-98 New York Yankees to reach their third straight World Series. Rob Dibble believes L.A. has a great chance to not only reach the World Series, but also win it.

“I think this may be their best chance because there’s not so much of a dependency on Kershaw,” Dibble said on Reiter Than You. “Buehler is going (in Game 1), Ryu is an All-Star pitcher, and Kershaw, not that he’s an afterthought, but he kind of reminds me of Bumgarner. People are going to forget this guy’s got great stuff, and then maybe he can go out there and throw a gem.”

Dibble knows from experience. He helped the Reds to a World Series title in 1990.

“You can’t put pressure on yourself,” the former NLCS MVP said. “You’ve got to enjoy the moment. You’ve got to welcome the moment. Thinking back to when I was in the postseason, it was the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in my life – and I’m talking about Little League, junior high, high school. When I didn’t pitch well in big games, I didn’t welcome the big moments. I think you have to welcome these moments because you don’t get that many. To have the opportunity to go to the World Series for the third straight time, very few teams ever do that.”

The Dodgers won the NL West for the seventh straight season. Nevertheless, they are still seeking their first World Series title since 1988. In 2017, they lost to the Astros in seven games; in 2018, they lost to the Red Sox in five.

“You can’t think about what didn’t happen last year, what didn’t happen two years ago,” Dibble said. “You really have to welcome (the present). This is our time. This is a whole new team. You’ve got a whole bunch of new guys that are in that bullpen, and you’ve got some new stars in your rotation. I really think think this is their time.”

Dibble believes the Dodgers will get past the Nationals, who overcame a three-run deficit against Milwaukee in the NL Wild Card on Tuesday.

“The Nationals, they had to fight hard just to make the Wild Card,” Dibble said. “The Dodgers, they cruised to another division championship – and if they play their cards right, they can cruise back to the World Series. The favorite in the National League, I really think they have the best pitching staff and the best overall team.”