LaFleur Hiring Brings "Tempered Excitement" To Green Bay

Matt LaFleur might not be a household name, but he could fix Green Bay's offense in a hurry – provided that he jibes with Aaron Rodgers

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 09, 2019 - 10:17 am

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The Green Bay Packers hired former Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur on Monday. The reaction among Packers fans? Optimism.

For the most part.

“I think there’s excitement, but there’s tempered excitement,” Milwaukee’s 105.7 The Fan host Chuck Freimund said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “They haven’t had many coaches in the last 25 years, and they’ve had a lot of winning football. Is he going to jibe with Aaron Rodgers? I think that’s the No. 1 concern. Mike McCarthy, apparently he and Rodgers didn’t have the best of relationships and Rodgers did not have a very good year last year. Can LaFleur come in and correct Aaron Rodgers, work with Aaron Rodgers and lift the team back to the playoffs where they’ve been absent the last couple of years?”

The Packers went 7-9-1 mostly without Rodgers in 2017 and 6-9-1 mostly with him in 2018. Rodgers led a unit that ranked 12th in total offense and 14th in scoring offense (23.5 points per game). The last time the Packers made the playoffs, in 2016, that unit ranked eighth in total offense and fourth in scoring (27.0).

Can LaFleur fix that? Time will tell.

“I guess we’re still learning about Matt LaFleur,” Freimund said. “It’s just like when Mike McCarthy was hired in 2006. He was hired after one year as offensive coordinator of San Francisco. I think there are fans here in Wisconsin who are saying, ‘He’s coming from the Tennessee Titans after one year.’”

A year in which the Titans ranked 27th in scoring offense (19.4 points per game).

“They maybe don’t look at the bigger picture, maybe don’t understand that he’s (from) the Sean McVay (coaching) tree and one of the growing young minds – offensive minds – in the NFL,” Freimund said. “So we’re still learning a lot about this guy. When this news broke Monday afternoon, it was like, ‘Whoa, already?’ I think the fact that this news had come so quickly surprised everybody.”