Marquette, Villanova Coaches Discuss "Coaches For Action"

Coaches For Action (CFA) is a Big East coalition seeking to eliminate discrimination and oppression against people of color

Zach Gelb
June 23, 2020 - 8:58 am
Dwayne Killings Marquette

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Marquette’s Dwayne Killings and Villanova’s Kyle Neptune dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The Zach Gelb Show on Monday to discuss Coaches for Action (CFA), which opposes racism in any form.

CFA is a coalition of 21 Big East assistant men’s basketball coaches who use athletics as a platform to educate and bring awareness to social injustices. It seeks to generate sustainable action plans to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and oppression against people of color.

In the last week, CFA has called on Big East athletic directors to support having Black Lives Matter patches worn on every home and away jersey at all men’s basketball games. Over half of those institutions have provided their support, and CFA hopes that all teams and sports join this initiative. 

CFA will also be launching a foundation to support initiatives that provide opportunities to underserved communities and is committed to educating players, coaches, and communities on the importance of voting in local and national elections. It has called on every team in the Big East to host a Voter Registration Drive in early October in conjunction with its midnight madness event.

Click below to listen to Killings and Neptune’s interview in its entirety.