Schlereth On Snyder: "If Everywhere You Go Smells Like Crap, It Might Be You"

The last 20 years in Washington haven't been pretty, Mark Schlereth says, and Dan Snyder is the main reason why

The DA Show
October 10, 2019 - 10:58 am

Dan Snyder purchased the Washington Redskins in 1999. Since then, the franchise has five winning seasons, two playoff victories and zero conference title game appearances. It has also fired eight head coaches.

What’s been the biggest problem in Washington over the last 20 years?

“The owner,” Mark Schlereth said on The DA Show. “It’s pretty simple. He’s the one constant in that situation. Go back to Mike Shanahan’s staff of 2013. They had Sean McVay on that staff; they had Kyle Shanahan on that staff; they had Matt LaFleur on that staff. I think Matt LaFleur is 4-1 right now, Sean McVay is 3-2 and Kyle Shanahan is 5-0 right now in the league.”

Shanahan is actually 4-0. Either way, his coaching chops are unquestioned, as he helped turn Matt Ryan into an NFL MVP. McVay, meanwhile, led the Rams to a Super Bowl appearance in his second season in L.A.

“And you can’t find a coach?” Schlereth asked of Snyder. “You can’t figure it out? My friend, Jerome Bettis, used to say all the time, ‘If everywhere you go it smells like crap, it just might be you.’ Well, that might be the owner.”

So nothing will change in Washington unless or until the owner changes?

“Yeah,” Schlereth said. “Or unless the owner essentially locks himself out of the facility and hires somebody – not only hires somebody, but more importantly, gives that person authority. There’s a big difference between appointing somebody and empowering somebody. So hire somebody, empower that person to run the football operations and then get the hell out of the way.”

Schlereth, a three-time Super Bowl champion, played for Washington from 1989 to 1994. He has no problem critiquing the franchise – Snyder, in particular.

“No, because his track record speaks for itself,” Schlereth said. “If you love it, then get out of the way and quit acting like you know what it’s about. Just because you have billions of dollars doesn’t make you a football expert. Hire football experts. You have money and all of a sudden you think you can run things? You circumvent the coach’s authority. You have a back staircase to your office for your favorite players or whatever. Appoint somebody, empower that person, and just understand you’re good at making money however you made it, but you’re not good at football. So get out of the way.”