Luis In Palmdale: Spanos Never Cared About The Chargers

A longtime listener of The DA Show gave his candid thoughts on Dean Spanos and shared some exciting personal news

The DA Show
November 06, 2019 - 12:20 pm
Dean Spanos Chargers

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Luis in Palmdale – a longtime listener of The DA Show – phoned in Wednesday to give his candid thoughts on Dean Spanos, as well as share some exciting personal news.

We’ll start with Spanos, who has vehemently denied reports that the Chargers might relocate to London. While the Chargers may remain in Southern California, make no mistake: it has nothing to do with Spanos’ love for the team, Luis says, or its fans.

“Spanos never cared about the Chargers anyway,” Luis said. “This is the perfect move for him. He’s in L.A., the stadium sells out no matter what, and it’s $100 to park no matter where you park around here. This guy is getting all the money. Who cares about the fan support? Who cares if it’s an away game for the Chargers when they play at home? There’s no way he’s going down over the pond to where it’s foggy and (he has to pay an) extra tax or anything when right here he has all the L.A. glitz. People don’t care as long as it’s being sold out. Spanos never cared. He never will. If you’re a Charger fan, you deserve everything you got coming towards you for being a fan.”

If an NFL team wins up in London, Luis doesn’t think it will be the Chargers.

“The only way this guy (Spanos) would ever move – or the NFL would move – is if there is no financial game for this team, and there always will be,” Luis said. “There will always be one guy in Kansas City in the middle of November who will want to come and watch his team here and will do everything possible and do all the patronage all around the shops that are going be here. There is no way the NFL is moving to London as of yet.”

On a personal note, Luis shared some exciting news: his search for a living kidney donor has ended, as he had found his “angel.”

“I can’t thank you and the crew enough for the opportunities you’ve given me, the D.A.-liens who have given me support in this struggle,” Luis said. “I will be free of dialysis and be able to continue a fulfilling life. I have rededicated my life to help others who are in need of a living kidney donor as well. I will repurpose my website and all my efforts to help those who are technically inclined, who don’t have a clue, who don’t have support and will be using that website as a new medium of help.”