LSU/Alabama "Absolutely Not" Game Of The Century

Bryan Fischer explains why LSU and Alabama's 2019 meeting can't match 2011's – in hype or stakes

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
November 08, 2019 - 8:40 am
Joe Burrow LSU

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No. 2 LSU (8-0) and No. 3 Alabama (8-0) will square off in Tuscaloosa on Saturday in what some analysts are billing the Game of the Century.

College Football Talk national writer Bryan Fischer is not one of those analysts.

“It’s absolutely not the Game of the Century,” Fischer said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “This doesn’t even feel like the one in 2011 when they were 1-versus-2. That one felt like there were higher stakes. I think with this one, especially if LSU loses, I think there’s still a way for them to get back into that national-title chase given what their resume is right now. I think a loss for either side isn’t quite the death knell that it was a couple of years ago in the BCS era.”

Still, with a pair of Heisman Trophy candidates in Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, not to mention a jaw-dropping array of talent at the skill positions, the potential for points is there.

“Everybody expects this to be high-scoring,” Fischer said, “but there’s a lot of NFL talent. It’s just going to be a good game overall.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the winner of this game jumps No. 1 Ohio State (8-0) in the rankings.

Is there a gap between Ohio State and LSU/Alabama?

“I don’t think it’s much, but the thing about Ohio State this year, we haven’t seen many flaws,” Fischer said. “You could point to Alabama’s run defense, especially with all those freshmen in their front seven. You could point to LSU’s defense earlier in the year giving up big plays at times. Ohio State really hasn’t done that. They’ve dominated from start to finish of their games. They’ve played good opponents, like Wisconsin. They’ve taken care of business. They can run the ball effectively with J.K. Dobbins, they’ve got Chase Edge coming off the edge on defense – they check a lot of boxes off. That’s why they’re the No. 1 team.”

Ohio State plays Maryland (3-6) and Rutgers (2-7) before hosting No. 4 Penn State (8-0) and playing No. 14 Michigan (7-2) in Ann Arbor the final two weeks of the season.

“They’re going to get tested the rest of this month,” Fischer said, “but as it stands right now, while there’s not much of a gap between them and the other teams, I think they’re the clear No. 1 at this point.”