Ledlow: Players Resent Warriors' Cockiness

Steph Curry is a nice guy, but his opponents could do without the incessant shimmying

The DA Show
June 08, 2018 - 12:32 pm

USA Today Images


The Golden State Warriors have a lot of nice guys on their team, but sometimes those nice guys rub fellow NBA players the wrong way. 

Of course, that may be because Draymond Green talks trash with anyone and everyone. And that Steph Curry shimmies after every made three.

Do players around the league resent the Warriors for their cockiness? Or do they understand that everyone trash-talks and the Warriors are simply better than everyone?

Answer: all of the above.

“I think that’s the perfect way to put it because, yes, there are many who resent it,” NBA-TV’s Kristen Ledlow said on The DA Show. “I hesitate to say (that), but it’s the truth: Most of the players that I’ve talked to that are playing against the Warriors seem to have a different level of resentment for that team than any other team that they seem to play. I know that there’s a great respect there because they are as good as they are, and I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s not just about all the trash talk and all the shimmying; it’s because they’re as good as they are and it seems like you just . . . rub it in a little bit more. They’re just that significantly better collectively as a group than anybody else is in the NBA currently. We’ve seen runs like this before. We’ve seen dynasties like this before.”

We have, but it’s been a while. The Warriors are one win away from their third title in four years. The Lakers did that in the 1980s. Then they three-peated in the early 2000s. Michael Jordan led the Bulls to a pair of three-peats in the 1990s.

Other than that? You’re looking at the ’60s Celtics.

“I think that’s what makes it so difficult,” Ledlow said. “I think that’s why so many players not necessarily resent the men in those uniforms, but resent the team as a whole because they’re trash-talking and shimmying and also that significantly better than you are.” 

DA wonders if there is resentment because it feels the deck is stacked in the Warriors’ favor. They’re so talented that it almost seems unfair.

“It could be, but you still have to go out and play the games” Ledlow said. “I think if Chris Paul hadn’t gotten hurt in the Western Conference Finals that the Rockets likely would have won in 6, potentially in 7, but that we would be watching a different NBA Finals matchup. You still have to go out and play the games. I don’t think it’s that the deck is stacked in their favor as highly a people think it is. I don’t think that they’re lucky in any capacity. I think a lot of things have to break your way in order to win an NBA championship and they do have such great levels of talent on that roster from top to bottom. 

“I don’t know if ‘rubs people the wrong way’ is the right way to put it,” Ledlow continued. “I think it’s that when you see such insurmountable odds in front of you and they’re also shimmying and trash talking and you know that it’s as easy for them as it seems to be, it seems to be a bit more insurmountable.”