Trevor Lane: LeBron, Lakers Have "Tough Schedule"

There are no easy games remaining, Lane says, but the Lakers' schedule is particularly difficult

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
June 29, 2020 - 8:54 am
LeBron James Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers will return to action on July 30 against the Clippers, but they will do so without guard Avery Bradley, who started 44 games this season. Bradley has opted out of the NBA’s restart due to concerns about the coronavirus, as his 6-year-old son, Liam, has respiratory issues. 

Bradley’s Lakers teammates understand and accept the decision he has made.

“Obviously the guys want him out there; Lakers fans want him out there, of course,” Lakers Nation senior writer Trevor Lane said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “But there’s an understanding that, ‘Hey, if you feel like you’re going to be putting your child at risk by going to Orlando, then of course there’s going to be understanding that that’s not an appropriate risk to take.’”

Bradley, 29, averaged 8.6 points per game this season and is one of the Lakers’ best perimeter defenders.

“I know that he’ll certainly be missed out there on the floor, but again, this is a unique situation,” Lane said. “I don’t think anybody is truly going to fault him for it, even if there is that disappointment that he won’t be able to be there with the team.”

The Lakers (49-14) lead the Clippers (44-20) by 5.5 games for the top spot in the Western Conference. While the Lakers are the safe bet to remain No. 1, their schedule is not easy. Aside from the Clippers, the Lakers play the Raptors (46-18), Jazz (41-23), Thunder (40-24), Rockets (40-24), Pacers (39-26), Nuggets (43-22) and Kings (28-36).

“[When I saw that], I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a difficult schedule,’” Lane said. “It’s going to be interesting. If the Lakers win that first game, that pretty much shuts down any threat of them falling out of the No. 1 seed. But if they lose it, maybe things get a little bit interesting. But look, it is a tough schedule. There’s a lot of teams who thought they had a pretty easy schedule heading into the home stretch, but because those bottom eight – the Delete 8, as they’re being called – teams aren’t going, those teams that you could have racked up wins against, they’re not there anymore. There are no real easy games on the schedule anymore. Maybe you could look at the Phoenix Suns as one of them or the Washington Wizards. But for the most part, you’re going to have a tough schedule no matter who you are. But the Lakers’ schedule does look particularly difficult to me.”