Tomlinson: Ravens Could Beat The Patriots In El Paso

The Ravens would love to have home-field advantage in the playoffs, but they don't need it to beat New England again, LaDainian Tomlinson says

The DA Show
December 12, 2019 - 11:00 am

The Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots, 37-20, at home in Week 9. The Ravens (11-2) also have a one-game lead over the Patriots (10-3) in the battle for the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

But do the Ravens need to play in Baltimore? Do they need to have home-field advantage to beat New England in January?

NFL legend LaDainian Tomlinson says no.

“I think they can beat the Patriots in Foxboro,” Tomlinson said on The DA Show. “This brand of football travels anywhere. They can play the Patriots in El Paso, where I am right now, and I think Baltimore will beat them because of the matchup.”

In the first meeting against New England, Lamar Jackson threw for 163 yards and a touchdown and ran for 61 yards and two scores.

“That offense, I’m telling you, is so difficult to stop even if you see it a second time,” Tomlinson said. “Lamar Jackson is throwing the ball so well right now. If they were just running it around and not really throwing it well, then I would say you could stop it. But right now, with the way he’s throwing the ball with the tight ends and all the weapons he has, it’s going to be difficult to stop.”

It also helps that the Ravens are a complete team. They lead the league in scoring at 33.1 points per game, but they’re also fifth in defensive scoring (18.2 points allowed per game).

“That defense is playing better than most defenses are right now,” Tomlinson said. “They struggled starting out the season, but I think as they have gelled and the chemistry has gotten better on defense, they are playing well. So I believe they can shut down the Patriots, especially with the way that their offense is performing right now.”

Still, it’s fair to wonder if Jackson can hold up for an entire season. He’s already rushed 151 times for 1,017 yards and seven touchdowns, and those hits add up.

Tomlinson, though, isn’t worried about Jackson’s wear and tear – at least not now.

“Not this season,” Tomlinson said. “Lamar is a young man. He’s still fresh and into his career. I don’t worry so much this year, next year, about him wearing down. As a young man, when you’re in your early 20s, you can take all this pounding and you can bounce back from little injuries that you might have during the season. So I’m not particularly worried about this season. I think he’ll be fine.”

Jackson has been dealing with a quad injury but is expected to play Thursday against the Jets (5-8).

“A quad injury is something you can play through – unless it’s extreme, which I don’t think it is,” Tomlinson said. “But it is something to monitor going forward if he has a problem tonight.”