Columnist: Zero-Percent Chance Lakers Trade LeBron

Think LeBron James might get moved? Don't believe the rumors, L.A. Times columnist Arash Markazi says

The DA Show
May 14, 2019 - 12:27 pm

We’re only one year into LeBron James’ tenure in Los Angeles, and already the Lakers are a mess. Luke Walton was fired, the Lakers had a heck of a time finding his replacement, and now there are rumblings that James could be traded to Philadelphia this offseason.

L.A. Times columnist Arash Markazi, however, says don’t believe the rumors.

“No, I think there is a zero-percent chance that LeBron wants to go to Philadelphia and a zero-percent chance the Lakers would trade him there,” Markazi said on The DA Show. “He really decided to come to Los Angeles to retire. He did not come to this team, which has missed the playoffs six consecutive years, to chase a ring. He came here to retire here, to live here, to spend the rest of his career here. He has two homes (here). His production company, media company, whatnot is all here.”

So, of course, are the Lakers, one of the most storied franchises in all of sport.

“The Lakers, say what you want about Jeanie Buss, but she wants that star quality, that star player,” Markazi said. “They missed that when Kobe retired, so they got arguably the best player in the league and the most marketable player. They’re not going to try to trade him now to the Sixers.”

While it seems unlikely that the Lakers would trade James, they need to start winning. The Lakers have endured six straight losing seasons and have been essentially a non-factor since three straight trips to the Finals back in 2008-10.

“It is important to realize that this is a three-year plan,” Markazi reminded listeners. “It’s a three-year plan because they have LeBron James under contract for those years. They are going to try to put together a championship team within that time frame. Who knows if they can? But that is their goal right now. Trading LeBron James is not even a part of their thinking process, and LeBron James is not trying to chase one more ring in Philadelphia or Toronto or someplace else.”