La Confora: Chiefs' Offense Looks Like A Computer Program

Mahomes Threw For 378 Yards In Week 1 Win

Reiter Than You
September 11, 2019 - 12:07 pm

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes erupted for 378 yards against the Jaguars on Sunday. While it may seem like a career-performance for some quarterbacks, it's an average outing for the third-year QB, who surpassed 300 yards in a game for the 11th time in his career. 

Mahomes totaled 50 touchdowns last season. Kansas City's offense looked in sync and became an immediate threat in not only the AFC but in the NFL. Many people doubted that Mahomes could follow up his outstanding MVP season and replicate the same numbers he did, including CBS Sports' Jason La Confora, who joined Bill Reiter on "Reiter Than You" to discuss the dynamic and deep Chiefs' offense. 

"I was in the regression for Mahomes camp," La Confora said. "Not that he was going to regress to 35 touchdowns or anything like that. I thought he'd be in forty-something but 50, I thought was extreme. He might throw 55. Honestly, nothing he does should surprise any of us.

But the defense is a concern. Secondary is a concern. Will they address that at some point before the trade deadline? Are they going to have to add a corner or something else on defense? That just might but Andy Reid with this quarterback, they're so locked in. They're so simpatico to the point where Tyreek Hill might not play for a month, but eh, well Sammy Watkins - if he stays healthy - he can have 200 combined yards a game. [Mecole Hardman] will get on the field more and he had a heck of a preseason and they were pretty high on him. They drafted him for a reason when they weren't sure about Tyreek Hill's future. That offense is — it just looks like sometimes it's a computer program. It's just like an algorithm, almost running on its own to a desired outcome."

Hill suffered a clavicle injury in the win and is set to miss the next 4-6 weeks. Mahomes looked to Watkins to fill the void in the offense. The veteran recorded 198 yards on nine catches, and three touchdowns — all career-highs for Watkins. Recent addition LeSean McCoy led Kansas City with 81 yards on 10 carries. The Chiefs look ready to compete for the Super Bowl. So is this the year Andy Reid's search for a Super Bowl ring ends?

La Confora hopes so. 

"As close as he's come, what he did in Philadelphia and to be in that many big games and only get to one Super Bowl from it. But all of the different guys he's won with now ... Obviously he hasn't had the greatest luck in the playoffs, but I'd like to see it happen," La Confora said. "He's had a tremendous career. He's spawned so many incredible coaches himself and that tree is robust as ever with [Doug] Pederson's doing, [John] Harbaugh and some of these guys. He really has a special place in the game.

"To me, he's building a hall of fame career. But you know how it is, especially for a coach, it would be very hard to say that's going to happen no matter how many wins he has if he doesn't get a win."

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