Foye: Kyrie Irving "Wants Out" Of Boston

Irving may sign a max deal, but it won't be with the Celtics, Randy Foye says

Taz and the Moose
February 27, 2019 - 10:19 am
Kyrie Irving Boston Celtics NBA

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Kyrie Irving has been a tough cat to figure out this season. One minute, he’s happy to be a Celtic; the next minute, he seemingly can’t wait to leave.

What is going on in Boston?

“I think it’s a little bit of everything,” former Villanova star and 11-year NBA veteran Randy Foye said on Taz & The Moose. “You look at the situation with Kyrie’s free agency pending, you look at how the young guys played in the playoffs last year without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and a lot of those guys not seeing major minutes – I just think the team morale and the team’s chemistry, more than anything, it’s just off. They’re all out of whack. None of those guys look like themselves out there on the court.”

After coming within a game of the NBA Finals last season, the Celtics (37-24) – currently the 5-seed in the East – are fighting for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Irving scored just seven points in Boston’s 118-95 loss at Toronto on Tuesday. It was the Celtics’ worst loss of the season.

“Just watching his body language, you know that he definitely wants out,” Foye said. “His body language is telling me a lot, especially last night when (Gasol) hit that three and they zoomed in on him. He had zero emotion. He don’t want to be (there). He’s doing whatever he’s going to have to do to help them be the best team possible, but after that, he’s out of there.”

Indeed, Foye does not believe that Irving, who turns 27 in March, will re-sign with Boston.

“I wouldn’t worry about giving him a max deal because his game speaks for himself,” Foye said, “but is Kyrie going to take a max deal from the Boston Celtics? To me personally – and it’s just my opinion – I think that Kyrie, I don’t know where he’s going, but I think he’s out of Boston July 1 or whenever he decides during that free-agency period. I think he’s out of there.

“I just think a lot of stuff is going on there. I can’t really put my finger exactly (on it) or pinpoint it, but I know something is going on there, and I think the average basketball fan knows a lot is going on there behind closed doors.”