Francoeur: Murray Had Better Chance Of Succeeding In NFL Than MLB

Jeff Francoeur chose baseball over football, but he believes Kyler Murray was wise to choose football over baseball

The DA Show
May 28, 2019 - 12:11 pm

Jeff Francoeur played in the big leagues for more than a decade – and it almost never happened. 

Indeed, Francoeur was a four-star wide receiver prospect in high school and had a scholarship offer from Clemson. He turned it down for various reasons, in part because baseball was his first love. 

But when it comes to multi-sport athletes deciding which sport to pursue, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. In fact, Francoeur believes Kyler Murray made the right choice choosing football over baseball.

“Kyler Murray, if you can be a first-round pick in the Draft as an NFL (quarterback), it’s tough to turn that down,” Francoeur said on The DA Show. “Don’t get me wrong: he was a good baseball player, but he really only had one year where he really did something – and I’m not saying he couldn’t have because we all know how good of an athlete he was. But how many times have we seen a guy that was a really, really athlete not really make it in baseball or not develop like they should have? 

"That was my problem with Kyler Murray,” Francoeur continued. “I didn’t think it was a slam dunk in baseball. I thought he was going to have to develop, that he was going to have to learn how to hit, continue to hit and get better, (whereas) in football, I felt like he had really done a lot of the things in college that was really going to enable him to be a first-round pick.”

What are those things, you ask? Well, he became the first FBS player to average 300+ passing yards and 60+ rushing yards per game in a season. He also became just the second FBS player with 4,000+ passing yards and 1,000+ rushing yards in a single season. The other? Deshaun Watson.

Oh, and Murray won the Heisman. So yeah.

“Listen, he could have turned out to be a heck of a baseball player,” Francoeur said, “but I’ll say this: I think he had a much better chance of being a better football player than he did baseball.”