Kamla: Klay Thompson's Injury "Significant"

When a player calls himself a game-time decision, that's a bad sign, Rick Kamla says

June 05, 2019 - 7:45 am
Klay Thompson Warriors Raptors NBA Finals

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The Golden State Warriors will be without Kevin Durant in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday, and they’ll likely be without Klay Thompson, who injured his hamstring in the fourth quarter of Game 2 and said he’ll sit if he feels “any pain.”

“I don’t think Klay Thompson is playing (in Game 3),” NBA TV host Rick Kamla said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Steve Kerr is talking about if there’s any risk at all, we’re going to hold him out. Klay Thompson is already talking about if there’s any pain at all, it’s going to be a no-go. When a player calls himself a game-time decision, that means there’s something significant going on.”

After the Raptors let one get away in Game 2, the Warriors, frankly, can risk resting Thompson.

“I think Golden State is going to say, ‘We got a free swing at home,’” Kamla said. “‘Because Toronto choked in Game 2 and literally handed us a Finals game, we are now going to luxuriously rest Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson for one more game.’ Maybe Toronto wins (Game 3). Guess what? Golden State comes back and hammers them in Game 4. (Then it’s) 2-2 going back to Toronto. We know Golden State feels very good about getting a road win anywhere.”

The Warriors have won at least one road game in 23 consecutive series, including this one.

“It’s set up for Toronto to take advantage in Game 3,” Kamla said, “but will they take advantage or will they choke again?”

If the Raptors split in Oakland, Scott Ferrall believes this series is going seven. So does Kamla.

“I totally agree,” he said. “And who knows if Kevin Durant is going to be able to come back? He’s got to practice at least once.”

Just one thing, though, Kamla says: If Durant doesn’t play in the series, and if Thompson misses time, and if the Raptors go on to win the Finals, don’t put an asterisk next to their title.

“Injuries are as much a part of the game as sweat, the orange ball, and the Nike sneakers, the Jordans,” Kamla said. “They just are. It sucks. There are very few NBA Finals that are not significantly impacted by injuries. Think about 2015, when Golden State broke through: no Kyrie Irving and no Kevin Love. Cleveland probably beats Golden State in that series if those two guys are healthy.”

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