Kevin Durant Calls Out CBS Sports Radio Host

Brandon Tierney's tweet about the Nets drew the ire of KD on Wednesday, which led to an exchange of words

Tiki and Tierney
January 09, 2020 - 6:06 pm

Kevin Durant called out Brandon Tierney on Twitter on Wednesday, this after the CBS Sports Radio host tweeted about fan apathy surrounding the Brooklyn Nets.

“Nets win 7 straight, no one cares. Nets lose 7 straight, no one cares. Speaks volumes.” Tierney tweeted.

Durant, who signed with the Nets this offseason but is recovering from a torn Achilles, saw the tweet and responded, “What does it say?”

Well, ask a question, and you’ll get an answer.

“Nothing but respect for your game,” Tierney tweeted, “but the reality is simple: the Mecca had your name all over it, and you passed up the shot. I’m from BK, it’s in my blood. But NYC is ALL about the Knicks. And always will be. At least @carmeloanthony got in the batter’s box. Took a swing.”

Anthony, of course, played for the Knicks from 2011-17. He led them to 54 wins and the second round of the playoffs in 2013.

Durant, who won a pair of NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors, didn’t appreciate Tierney’s tweet and responded, “The reality is that you wanted me to do what You wanted me to do. I didn’t and now you feel some weird way about it. Get over yourself bro, i know u got a lil platform but come out the clouds. It’s not real”

Tierney didn’t take the bait from KD and instead responded, “I want players who want the Garden. Want the challenge. Nothing less, nothing more. Get healthy bro, @nba much better when you’re playing.”

On Thursday, Tierney invited Durant to co-host Tiki & Tierney with him on Friday, as Tiki Barber will be off. Tierney tweeted it was an “open invite,” that CBS Sports Radio “would love to have you” and even offered to send a car to pick up Durant.

Durant responded with a GIF that said “NAH”