Kenyon Martin: My Son Is Exploring His Options

K.J. Martin, who committed to Vanderbilt, had "second thoughts" about playing college basketball

Reiter Than You
June 13, 2019 - 9:20 pm

Kenyon Martin’s son, K.J., was a heavily recruited prep basketball player. A three-star forward, K.J. had offers from USC, UCLA, Georgetown, Memphis, West Virginia and Florida State, among others, before committing to Vanderbilt.

K.J., however, has had a change of heart and might play professionally instead.

“He just had second thoughts,” Kenyon Martin told Bill Reiter. “He believes in his ability. I believe in his ability. With R.J. Hampton going to New Zealand, it just opened my son’s eyes to a different way of thinking. He’s always believed in his ability, so we’re just exploring different options.”

K.J. is ranked among the top 50 power forwards in the class of 2019, per

“We informed Vanderbilt what we were thinking, and we’re just exploring different options for him, whether it’s abroad, whether it’s the G-League, whether it’s sitting out a year,” Martin said. “We’re just exploring options, whatever the best route (is) for him to get to his ultimate goal, which is playing in the NBA. That’s his dream. It’s my job as a father to try to put him in the best situation possible and be supportive but be honest with him at the same time.”