Kenny: Era Of Super Teams Is Good For Baseball

Is it good when there are a handful of Goliaths and a whole lot of Davids? Brian Kenny says yes

The DA Show
March 29, 2018 - 12:25 pm

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Last year, the New York Yankees won 91 games and came within one win of the World Series, ultimately falling to the Houston Astros in a seven-game thriller. This year, they hope to advance to their first World Series since 2009 – and they have the personnel to do it.

Only two players hit 50+ home runs in the majors last season, and the Yankees have both of them. One is 25-year-old Aaron Judge, who hit 52 last season, and one is 28-year-old Giancarlo Stanton, who hit 59 before getting traded by Miami in the offseason.

So, are the Yankees ready to live up to expectations that are, in a word, enormous?

“Yeah, I think they’re very good,” MLB Network host Brian Kenny said on The DA Show. “I thought toward the end of the season they were excellent. They also had a very good offseason. Look, they’re loaded, but it’s not as if they’re loaded and they’re alone being loaded. They’re loaded and there’s like six other teams just as loaded.”

The Boston Red Sox being one of them.

“(The Yankees are) really good, but do they necessarily win the AL East?” Kenny asked. “Well, no, the Red Sox are another super team. People have been asking me, ‘Are they the best team in the American League?’ No, I think the Astros are the best team in the American League. But are the Yankees loaded and is it possible to see an even better version of that Yankee team that we saw in the playoffs beating the Indians and pushing the Astros to seven games with that incredible bullpen and now even more power? Oh, yeah. I think we’re going to see a very powerful team, a team that could win it all. But we’re talking about an era of super teams. Are they necessarily better than those other super teams? Nope. There’s a whole group of them, and these superpowers will battle it out in the postseason.”

But is that good for baseball? Is it good when there are a handful of Goliaths and a whole lot of Davids?

“I think so,” Kenny said. “I know there’s a downside of it. (In the past), I was always bringing up that version of football. I am talking about the old days. In the old days, Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers – the era of super teams. Then football tried to get to the era of parity, and we all looked back and thought, ‘No, man, I liked super teams.’ Hey, baseball has that now. So I’m saying don’t hate on it.”

The “haters,” though, will say that a lot of teams – perhaps the majority of teams – aren’t even trying to win.

“No, they’re trying to win,” Kenny countered, “but they know they can’t win every single year. Teams are too smart, there’s a lot of money for certain teams and not a lot of money for other teams, so you have to time your cycle correctly and you have to try to rebuild and try to build something sustainable. That has created this dynamic where you have a bunch of teams that are not going to win, you have a bunch of teams that are tremendous, and then you have kind of that small middle class of the Mets, Cardinals and Texas Rangers. But how good was the postseason last year when it was nothing about super teams?”

Pretty good. Yankees/Indians, Nationals/Cubs, Yankees/Astros, and Astros/Dodgers all went the  distance.

“Once the Twins and the Rockies got bumped out in the Wild Card, you had nothing but monsters,” Kenny said. “And every series was great.”