Linendoll: If You Catch A Foul Ball, Keep The Ball

If you catch a foul ball, should you keep it or give it away? Katie Linendoll offered her tenacious take on The DA Show

The DA Show
February 22, 2019 - 12:02 pm

As you may have seen, a Colorado Avalanche fan is in the dog house. The fan elbowed his girlfriend in the head while trying to catch a puck at the Avs/Jets game in Denver on Wednesday, actually caught the puck, and then gave it to another woman.

His girlfriend was not happy. 

“There should be a new rule, and I’ve been in the middle of this a few times,” gadget guru Katie Linendoll said on The DA Show. “If you get the ball or the puck, you should have to keep it. I feel like there’s this obligatory ‘give it away to somebody around you or you look like a bad person’ (pressure). You deserve that. You go for that ball, you go for that puck, and you keep it.”

DA was not all surprised by this tenacious take from Lindendoll, who then shared some personal foul-ball anecdotes. She also had some exciting news to share: she was recently named a “Friend of Funko.”

“(It’s) a big deal,” Linendoll said. “It’s like the nerd equivalent to winning some large award. Nerd Oscar, totally. I just get so into the Funko universe because there’s something for everybody in terms of collection.”

Click below to listen to Linendoll’s interview in its entirety.