Lappas: "If You Pick Up A Chair, You're Done For The Season"

Steve Lappas believes Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa should be suspended for the rest of the year

Tiki and Tierney
January 22, 2020 - 5:37 pm
Silvio De Sousa Kansas

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Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa has been suspended indefinitely for his actions during the Jayhawks’ brawl with Kansas State on Tuesday. De Sousa blocked a shot on the final play of the game, stood over K-State’s DaJuan Gordon, threw punches during the ensuing fracas, and eventually picked up a stool and held it above his head like a weapon.

It was not a good look.

“It was a horrendous look,” CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst Steve Lappas said on Tiki & Tierney. “This is my opinion, and I have a ton of respect for Bill Self. He’s a tremendous coach and a great guy, and he knows how his program should run. To me, once the kid picked up the chair, he’s done for the year. That’s my opinion.”

Fortunately, Kansas assistant coach Jerrance Howard grabbed the stool from De Sousa, 21, before he could hit someone with it.

“I understand he didn’t swing it,” Lappas said, “and there’s some debate whether an assistant pulled the chair out of his hands or he dropped the chair. Even if you’re not going to swing it, if I’m standing next to a guy who’s 6-9, 240 and he’s got a chair, I may pick up a chair. And guess what? I may swing that chair first even if he has no intent of swinging it – because you don’t know. And now what do you have? A serious problem. Somebody could get killed. Certainly somebody could get seriously injured. So I think once De Sousa picks up the chair, he’s done for the season.”

More punishments for both squads are sure to follow.

“It’s a hard one to decipher,” Lappas said. “I’m not saying De Sousa is the only guy who should suffer the consequences, but he clearly should be done for the year, and then they’ve got to look at everybody else that was involved and what they did. . . . But to me, if you pick up a chair, you’re done for the season.”