Patrick Mahomes Has "Looked Great"

Andy Reid and the Chiefs aren't concerned by Mahomes' training-camp interceptions

August 03, 2018 - 9:11 am

USA Today Images


With Alex Smith at the helm, the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the best, most consistent teams in the NFL. But after losing in the Wild Card against Tennessee, the Chiefs traded Smith to Washington.

And so, the Patrick Mahomes era begins.

“It went so well last year with Alex Smith, and now Alex Mahomes comes in,” KCTV5 sports anchor Tom Martin said on Ferrall on the Bench. “You didn’t need to make a change, but financially you did. It’s real curious to see the patience of fans going from a real good QB situation now to essentially a rookie, a first-year starter. It might go off the rails. I don’t know.”

The Chiefs have won 10+ games in four of the last five seasons, but reaching double-digit wins could be a tall task in 2018. Especially given the high number of interceptions Mahomes has thrown in training camp.

Martin, though, isn’t concerned.

“When you have some of the weapons he has, why not take the chances now and see how far you can push the envelope with Travis Kelce in double coverage or Sammy Watkins on the outside?” Martin asked. “The other thing is this: a lot of these picks aren't in situations he’ll see in the games. One of them was he called the wrong play. If he’s calling the wrong play in Week 5, there’s an issue. I don’t think that’s going to happen. And then also he threw one when he chose not to run it in during a non-tackling drill just to avoid trash talk. His explanation, sure, but I think that situation changes in the game. And then one more was a free play on an offsides – the Aaron Rodgers play. 

“So I think a lot of these, he’s just testing out different things,” Martin continued. “I don’t always buy into coach-speak and whatnot, but I think Reid is correct in saying, ‘Look, this is not what you’ll see regular season. That’s why we’re doing it now.’ I think he’s looked great. He’s more accurate than I thought. The big arm is there, but he’s also shown a lot of ability in those tight widows, those short passes as well.”

The Chiefs have won the AFC West two years in a row, but Martin likes the Chargers to win it this season. That said, he believes it’s wide open.

“I look at the Chiefs going 8-8, maybe 9-7,” he said. “I think there’s a bit too much change for them to harness for this year. I think next year is the big year for them. If Case Keenum is anything, then maybe Denver has a chance. Jon Gruden and the Raiders are such a Wild Card to me. There’s a lot of questions in this division. If I had to pick right now, I still think the Chargers probably win it, but it could be any of the (other) three teams. It’s up for grabs. It might be one of the more open divisions in the league.”