Andy Reid Got Passive, Opened Door For Chargers

Andy Reid played not to lose Thursday – and he lost

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
December 14, 2018 - 9:22 am

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The Chiefs led the Chargers for almost the entire game Thursday night, often by 7 to 14 points. In fact, they didn’t trail until a two-point conversion gave the Chargers a 29-28 lead – with four seconds left in the game.

That result stood, as the Chargers (11-3) and Chiefs (11-3) are now deadlocked in the AFC West.

What happened? How did the Chiefs manage to lose a game they had no business losing?

“You could look at Andy Reid,” Arrowhead Pride lead writer Pete Sweeney said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I don’t want to kill Andy Reid because to me, this is one of the better coaches in the history of the National Football League. But you do have to look when you’re evaluating anybody – and one day he’ll be judged to go in the Hall of Fame – (and evaluate) what their weaknesses are. To me, for Andy Reid, it’s sometimes late games against good teams and clock management. And then of course the playoffs. Big games.”

Thursday night wasn’t a playoff game – where Reid is 11-13, including 1-4 in Kansas City – but it was big nonetheless.

Damien Williams scored from a yard out to give the Chiefs a 28-14 lead with 8:15 to go in the fourth quarter. The rest of the game: Chargers touchdown, Chiefs three-and-out, Chargers touchdown, Chargers two-point conversion, Chargers win.

“You would hope at that point in the game (that because) he has Patrick Mahomes that he would have the confidence to be aggressive and go win the football game like you would see the Chargers do a few minutes later,” Sweeney said. “But he got real passive there and gave the Chargers the ball back with about three minutes left and the timeout. You had a chance right there to win it – and instead, you decided to open up the door.”

The Chargers host the Ravens (7-6) next Saturday at 8:20 p.m. ET, while the Chiefs play the Seahawks (8-5) in Seattle next Sunday at 8:20 p.m. ET.