Justin Atkins: "I Thought It Was A 15-Pounder Jumping"

Atkins set a Major League Fishing record after reeling in a 10-pound, 8-ounce largemouth bass in Texas

The DA Show
March 17, 2020 - 12:04 pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, just about every sport in the world has been suspended as a result of social distancing. Major League Fishing, however, is still going strong. Justin Atkins, especially.

Atkins broke the MLF record after reeling in a 10-pound, 8-ounce largemouth bass in Lake Fork, Texas.

“It was unbelievable,” Atkins said on The DA Show. “I caught it on a really light fishing tackle, and it took me probably two-and-a-half minutes to get the fish in. It seemed like an eternity because I knew how big it was. I knew that it was potentially the biggest fish ever caught in Major League Fishing history. But I just took my time with it and got it in. It was exhilarating.”

In the moment, Atkins was “pretty sure” he would set an MLF record.

“Yes, sir,” he said. My previous personal record was 10 pounds and four ounces, so I only beat it by four more ounces. But when you get above 10 pounds in largemouth bass, those get hard to come by. . . . When you see them jumping out there, they always look five pounds bigger than what they are. So if you think it’s a 15-pounder, it’s probably a 10 – and I definitely thought it was a 15-pounder jumping, especially with as much money on the line as we had.”

Atkins, 30, battled the fish for roughly three minutes. He stayed patient throughout, ultimately getting the prize.

“That’s just the moments that, as professional fishermen, we live for,” he said. “It was awesome.”