JR SportBrief: Quality Of Play Will Suffer; Injuries Could Spike

JR SportBrief explains why the coronavirus is just one of many concerns for the NFL this fall

June 11, 2020 - 8:29 am
Deshaun Watson Texans

USA Today Images


For months, NFL fans have wondered – due to the coronavirus pandemic – if there will be football this fall. But even if there is football, the virus is just one of many concerns for the league and its players.

“I believe with all of the uncertainty from this offseason, the cutdown on preseason games, the lack of potential strength and conditioning, I am concerned – that especially at the onset – the quality of football that we’re going to watch in comparison to past seasons where everything was full steam ahead, I’m concerned that the quality of play is going to suffer,” JR SportBrief said on CBS Sports Radio. “I am unfortunately worried that we might have some [injuries]. Injuries are a part of the game. I think we might have some more, unfortunately.”

Many players are training remotely to try to stay in shape, but it’s likely not as effective as training together as a team with a regimented schedule. When strength and conditioning diminishes, it often leads to injury.

“You can bet your behind there are some players that are working hard,” JR said. “There are some players that are staying in shape. There’s some players that haven’t been able to. And then you have some players that, you know, they’ve probably been throwing back too many Twinkies. That’s the reality. It’s called being a human being. I don’t fault them. I just hope it doesn’t lead to a decline in quality of play. I hope it doesn’t lead to injured players. I hope it doesn’t lead to a diminished product in 2020 where we already don’t know [what things will look like] or whether or not fans will even be in the stands.”

The NFL will reportedly lose $5.5 billion if games are played in empty stadiums this fall. But that is a harsh reality the league could face.

“We can come and talk every night about what things will look like in a best case scenario, but I would probably favor the unknown at this point in time,” JR said. “I would venture to say this this upcoming NFL season – no OTAs, no rookie minicamps, no traditional strength and conditioning program, no rookie-onboarding program – everybody is just free to do what they do in the best way possible, I’m concerned about the quality of play when the NFL returns. I’m concerned that we might see a few more injuries than we’re used to. I hope that’s not the case. Maybe things can blow over. I hope so. But I don’t think the odds are in the favor of the NFL that that happens. We know the NFL is full steam ahead, and I think they might be in a little bit of trouble.”