Pryce On Elway: "He'll Be Around Longer Than You Think"

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2016, the Broncos haven't won much. But at least one former teammate thinks John Elway isn't going anywhere

Reiter Than You
October 01, 2019 - 10:14 pm
Denver Broncos John Elway

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Since winning the Super Bowl in February 2016, the Denver Broncos haven’t won much. In fact, they are 20-32 since then, haven’t returned to the playoffs and are 0-4 this season. 

Are Broncos fans growing impatient with John Elway?

“He’s going to get the benefit of the doubt more times than not because he did put together a Super Bowl-winning team,” former Broncos All-Pro Trevor Pryce said on Reiter Than You. “Once you’ve done that, everybody believes you can do it. The formula was the same: We’re going to play great defense. We have a quarterback with a big arm, who, at this altitude, can throw the ball really far. Now we need big-time receivers. The formula is the same. It’s just that sometimes it just doesn’t gel.”

Pryce reminded listeners that the Broncos had great success under John Fox. From 2012-2014, Denver went 38-10 and played in a Super Bowl.

“Was John Fox the most innovative coach you’ve ever seen?” Pryce asked. “Doubtful. He was a defensive coach like Vic Fangio. I think (Elway) is trying to replicate that formula and go the other way. I commend him for it. It is a copycat league, and he seems not to be copying that. I, for one, applaud him.”

Elway, of course, led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl titles in the late-1990s. Pryce, a former first-round pick, played on both of those teams.

“I think he’ll be around longer than you think,” Pryce said of Elway. “As long as he wants the job, I think he’ll have it because, again, he did bring them another Super Bowl. This organization has three, and he’s been a part of all three. Therefore, he gets to dictate the terms, I think, until this thing completely goes off the rails.”