Joel Corry: Make Elliott The Highest Paid RB Ever

Former NFL Agent discusses what Cowboys should do with Zeke

August 30, 2019 - 9:25 am
Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys

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Former NFL agent Joel Corry knows a thing or two about contracts and working with players on new deals. Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys are still trying to get a new deal done.  The Cowboys star running back is threatening to sit out if he doesn't get a new deal done. 

Corry spoke with CBS Sports Radio's Ferrall On The Bench about Elliott's future. 

"Dallas needs to be hung up on Ezekiel Elliott not being the highest paid running back. And by that, I mean average yearly salary," the CBS Sports contract expert said. "That is the least meaningful measure of a contract because these contracts aren't fully guaranteed. Let him have that. You have done it for other guys on the team who were comparable type players. You did it for your three first round picks you have extended, the three lineman. Two of those guys got deals after playing three years like Elliott is just now. You give him that. These extensions are long. Six years is the minimum extension they have done."

Elliott has two years and about $13 million remaining on his contract. The Cowboys have a big decision to make. 

"Make him the highest paid guy," Corry said. "Even if he's signed for eight total contract years, make him the richest contract for a running back in history as far as I'm concerned. Make him the first $100 million running back. Not going to play the whole contract out, odds are the way they use him. Let him be able to use that. His agent can use it in recruiting. You get a better structure than Todd Gurley and you structure the contract so that if he starts hitting the wall and there are diminishing returns because you're using him like crazy, you can get out of the deal with not a whole lot of salary cap penalties at a fairly early juncture."

Will Melvin Gordon get anywhere near what Elliott will end up getting if he signs a new deal? 

"Melvin Gordon I don't think gets in his territory. The leverage is different to me. You got other running backs that are capable of filling his shoes to a degree even though the Chargers are better with him on the field than without him," Corry said.