Joe Theismann: There's Concern For Bears' Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago QB Threw INT, Zero TDs In Week 1

Reiter Than You
September 13, 2019 - 11:01 am
Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) during the second quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field.

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Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann has some concerns about the Bears' Mitchell Trubisky. 

Trubisky completed 26-of-45 passes for 228 yards, throwing one interception in the Bears' Week 1 loss to the Green Bay Packers. He flustered under pressure as the Bears spent most of the game trailing the Packers, unable to find the end zone. He was unable to connect with Anthony Miller nor Javon Wims late in the fourth quarter - where the Bears were down a touchdown - resulting in the Bears turning possession over to Green Bay for the final 62 seconds of the game. 

Theismann expressed his thoughts on the third-year quarterback on Bill Reiter's "Reiter Than You" on Thursday.

"I think there's reason for concern because he missed people high," Theismann said. "I always have concerns when quarterbacks miss people high. Lots of bad things happen. When you miss them low, the ball bounces in the ground. When you miss them high, the potential for getting the receiver killed is there. The potential for an interception is there especially in the middle of football the football field. I thought Mitchell just played very, very poorly. I think this is a huge game for them. Week 2 is huge game for him. He has to go out and prove that he can throw the football better because they really have no place to go. They put all the eggs in his basket. Now, he has to deliver."

Trubisky is trying to prove himself worthy of a heft pay raise. He's in the third year of his rookie deal and will become a free agent in 2022; Trubisky carries an option after the fifth year. He has an opportunity to correct his mistakes and lead the Bears in the right direction on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, who fell in their opener against Oakland. 

Theismann doesn't believe he's been too critical on the Bears' quarterback, who threw for 3, 223 yards and 23 touchdowns last season — both career-high marks. For Theismann, finding success is based off making the most of the opportunities given in a game. 

"People would say, 'You're being so hard on him.' Hey, it's our job. When you're a quarterback in the National Football League and you're getting chances to make plays, you have to make them or else you don't have your job," Theismann said. "It's that simple. The team entrusts you with those opportunities.

It's like Carson Wentz, he hit some big plays in the games, converted big third downs. He was, again, a thorn in the Redskins side when it came to that football game. He made plays with his legs moving around and throwing the football. Case [Keenum] missed one that would've brought them a little bit closer. It could've cast a different light on the football game. When the opportunities are there - Mitchell missed a lot of really basic throws. He wasn't under a lot of direst. But he did miss a number of throws. "

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