Gibbs: Without Bobby Beathard, I Wouldn't Have Been A Head Coach

Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with Washington – and he has Bobby Beathard to thank

The DA Show
August 01, 2018 - 12:02 pm

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Former NFL general manager Bobby Beathard will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, this Saturday, and Joe Gibbs will introduce him during enshrinement.

This will be quite an honor for Gibbs, a 1996 Hall of Fame inductee.

“I probably would never have had a chance to be a head coach if it wasn’t for Bobby Beathard,” Gibbs said on The DA Show. “(He told former Washington owner Jack Kent) Cook, ‘I would like to hire Joe Gibbs, somebody that’s never been a head coach.’”

Beathard, though, knew what he was doing.

“Bobby helped take three different organizations to Super Bowls,” Gibbs said. “What’s the most important thing for me personally when you’re coaching? What’s a coach need? Players. It’s not coaching. It’s players. And Bobby helped me get those guys that helped lead us to Super Bowls. Our whole coaching staff and everybody, it was a great time in our life. You pick a player, you see some of them have great careers, and wind up some of them getting in the Hall of Fame. Now it’s Bobby getting in the Hall of Fame. It’s just a great time in our life.”

Gibbs’ first year in Washington, however, didn’t go as planned. The Redskins started 0-5 in 1981.

“You think about it, 0-5 in Washington is a big deal,” Gibbs said, laughing. “I was just looking for a different way home at night. But Bobby stood by me and so did Mr. Cook. Somehow we came out of that.”

The Redskins finished 8-8 that year before reaching the Super Bowl in each of the next two seasons.

“Some of those games, we changed some personnel, we made some different decisions on offense, and I really think it propelled us to two Super Bowls in a row right after that in ’82 and ’83,” said Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with Washington. “So, sometimes when you go through the real tough times in life, particularly in sports – if you’re really studying things and analyzing things – it can help propel you to some real victories, and that’s what happened to us.”