JLC: Garrett Could Join Cowboys' Front Office

Jason Garrett won't coach the Cowboys next season, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving the organization

Tiki and Tierney
January 02, 2020 - 7:22 pm

Jason Garrett won two Super Bowls as a player for the Dallas Cowboys, and he’s been a Cowboys coach in some form or fashion since 2007. He spent a few seasons as a coordinator, part of a season as an interim coach, and nine seasons as a head coach.

But the end is near. Garrett knows it, and so do the Cowboys.

But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the organization.

“I think there is a possibility this is massaged into some other role for him,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on Tiki & Tierney. “A lot of it is on Jason’s side. Like, OK, there’s not that many openings this year, but do I want to come up with some front office role that I do for Jerry that I like but maybe don’t love that takes me off the market next year or puts me under the radar? There’s both sides here who had to sort of come to the acceptance period that this is over, that this stage is ending.”

Garrett has guided the Cowboys to the playoffs just three times in nine seasons and missed the postseason in two of the last three. The Cowboys started 3-0 this year before going 5-8 over their final 13 games.

“Can we find something else that works for both of us? Or do we just need to part ways?” La Canfora said, framing the conversation. “It is like a family. It probably feels a lot like a divorce, and they’ve been in therapy. They’ve been in couples therapy this week, and I think everybody knows that they’re probably going to have to be better off without each other, but it’s a process to get there. 

“Would they keep Jason as an assistant GM and he’s working closely with Jerry?” La Canfora continued. “Yeah, but then what does that mean for the next coach? Is everybody else going to be comfortable with that? And what does that mean for Jason? Because Jason has always thought of himself in his adult life since he stopped playing as a coach or a coach in training. So I think they’re trying to find something and force some second act here. Maybe it does work. It’s more likely not to.”