Jimmy King: "The Band Will Be Back Together"

With Juwan Howard taking over for John Beilein at Michigan, a Fab Five reunion is coming

Tiki and Tierney
May 23, 2019 - 6:40 pm

When Jimmy King was a senior in high school, he would come home from basketball practice and get phone calls from Juwan Howard. If not for those phone calls, it’s possible the Fab Five never would have happened.

“When it comes to the vision, it was Juwan,” King said on Tiki & Tierney. “Juwan was calling me before dinner. I was just amazed the passion this guy had, 17-year-old guy, 18-year-old young man to call me to make sure that I still had interest in Michigan. He did that for me, Chris (Webber), Jalen (Rose), everyone else and Ray (Jackson). Thirty years removed from that, the experience that this guy has now, for him to have the resume of putting the Fab Five together literally, I think he could do it again with the experience he has now.”

Howard, of course, will replace John Beilein as Michigan’s head basketball coach. If it seems surprising that Michigan would hire a member of the Fab Five, well, it shouldn’t be.

"The public perception is that overall I believe that most people thought that it was bad,” King said of the relationship between the Fab Five and the university. “But from my relationship and the conversation that I've had over the years, I know that the relationship has grown and it's been healed. It just wasn't known publicly. This is a big shocker for everyone because it seems like all of a sudden Beilein is out, Juwan is in – what a coincidence. 

"But really, the relationship with the Fab Five and the University of Michigan has been mending for the past six, seven years,” King continued. “It’s all good. That's why when the whispers started immediately about Juwan, I felt that if his interest was to coach college, then he would definitely take the position.”

With Howard as coach, it’s likely that a Fab Five reunion will occur at some point. King is confident it will.

“The band will be back together,” he said.