Jackson On "Big Threes": It Doesn't Click Right Away

The Lakers can add a third max player, Jim Jackson says, but that doesn't mean they'll win the NBA title next season

Reiter Than You
June 27, 2019 - 9:06 pm
LeBron James Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers have cleared cap space to sign a third max player to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That could be Kyrie Irving, that could be Kevin Durant, that could be Kawhi Leonard – that could be anyone.

NBA analyst Jim Jackson does not believe Leonard will sign with the Lakers, but what if he does? Could any team beat a Big Three of LeBron, AD and Kawhi?

Jackson says yes.

“Just like LeBron’s teams in the past that have come together, it took some time,” Jackson said on Reiter Than You. “It maybe took a year for a team to kind of get its footing and actually win. Think about what happened the first year in Miami: it just didn’t click right away with the great components that they had. But you have a great opportunity because Golden State is not going to be the same next year because of Klay and Kevin Durant.”

Who in the Western Conference, then, would challenge Los Angeles? Houston? Denver?

“Outside of Denver – and Denver still has to grow – (who could) be a detriment to the Lakers?” Jackson wondered. “If Kawhi is not on Toronto, is Milwaukee the team that can beat them? We don’t know. We’re kind of forecasting a little bit, but you have to look at these factors to see where we’re at in today’s world, especially with Golden State being injured.”

Many NBA fans, of course, do not want a third max player to sign with the Lakers, as it is bad for parity and competitive balance. As Jackson pointed out, though, dynasties have defined the NBA, from the Lakers and Celtics in the 1980s to the Bulls in the 1990s to the Spurs and Lakers in the 2000s to the Heat and Warriors in the 2010s.

“As much as we like parity,” Jackson said, “it really hasn’t been in the NBA.”

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