Packer On Harbaugh's Meyer Dig: "Ridiculous Approach"

ACC Radio Network host Mark Packer wasn't a fan of Jim Harbaugh's critique of Urban Meyer at Big Ten Media Days

The DA Show
July 22, 2019 - 1:21 pm

Jim Harbaugh took a shot at Urban Meyer at Big Ten Media Days last week, saying that while Meyer has had “a winning record,” “controversy follows” him everywhere.

Those comments haven’t exactly aged well.

“When’s the last time Michigan beat Ohio State?” ACC Radio Network host Mark Packer said on The DA Show. “The Buckeyes have owned them like nobody’s business. I know Jim was getting into the moral compass, talking about Urban Meyer the person. You might want to keep your mouth shut and go beat those guys before you start breaking down if a guy is a good guy or a bad guy. It’s the beauty of a rivalry. It’s the beauty of sports. When the upper hand goes to your arch-rival, the only way to end that nonsense is to go beat them.”

Michigan has beaten Ohio State just once since 2003. The Buckeyes have won seven straight games in the series, including last year’s 62-39 bludgeoning of then-No. 4 Michigan.

Harbaugh is 38-14 in Ann Arbor but 0-4 against Ohio State.

“I thought it was a ridiculous approach,” Packer said. “I get what he was trying to do. It would be one thing to say, ‘I’m 3-3 against the guy, and I don’t particularly care for him.’ That’s all fun and good. Not everybody gets along with everybody. But when you’re O-fer, and all the stuff that Michigan has gone through to grab attention – I think Harbaugh has done a good job at Michigan. Other than the Ohio State series, quite frankly, he’s been pretty good.”

Good, yes, but not elite.

“The problem is at Michigan, you judge your success on (beating Ohio State),” Packer said. “Hey, it’s cool to make trips to Italy and South Africa and we’re talking about playing a game in Mexico City. But here’s a trip that Michigan fans would love to take: they would love to be in Indianapolis the first week of December – because that means they’re playing for the Big Ten Championship.”

Michigan hasn’t won the Big Ten since 2004, when it was a co-champion with Iowa. The Wolverines lost to Ohio State that year.

“If I were Jim, I think the best thing to do is, hey, stay low, keep moving and get better,” Packer said. “And figure out a way to beat Ohio State before you worry about whether Urban Meyer is thumbs up or thumbs down."