Jerry Rice: "There's A Fraternity Of GOATs"

Robert Kraft believes that Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time; Jerry Rice says it's not that simple

The DA Show
February 01, 2019 - 11:49 am

USA Today Images


Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently called Tom Brady the greatest football player of all time. For DA, there are four players in that discussion: Brady, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, and Jim Brown.

Has Brady done enough to warrant being called the greatest player ever?

“I think you got to give him credit, but I look at it that there’s a fraternity of GOATs that really, really have transcended this game,” Rice said on The DA Show. “It might not even be in football. It could be in basketball. It can be in other sports. It could be a doctor, it could be a lawyer – there’s GOATS all over the place. I think with Tom Brady, what he’s doing now, it’s amazing.”

Indeed, Brady will play in his ninth Super Bowl on Sunday. He has already won an unprecedented five Super Bowls; this is his shot at a sixth.

“This is another opportunity for him,” Rice said. “But it’s a whole different era now. Football is different. They have the run-pass option. Back in the day, it was different. It was different. But you’ve got to give him his just due, though.”

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